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Hot Spring Bonanza is a DLC Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is part of the New Quests Pack 4 of the Expansion Pass. It can be received from Gachagacha after giving him 100 Gold at the Goldmouth Flight Deck in the Argentum Trade Guild after Chapter 10.


  1. "Head for the hot spring behind Jakolo's Inn in Mor Ardain." ※1
  2. "Head for the Geothermal Plant Lobby in Mor Ardain and get the details from whoever's there."
  3. Multiple objectives:
  4. "Speak with Amir in the Geothermal Plant Lobby in Mor Ardain."
  5. "Speak with Felina by Jakolo's Inn in Mor Ardain." ※1
  6. "Head for the Nopon Pioneers' Spring in Mor Ardain." ※2

※1 – Steps 1 and 5 require Sheba, Kora, and Kasandra to be in the party.
※2 – The final step requires Sheba, Kora, Kasandra, Theory, Praxis, Mòrag, Brighid, and Nim to be in the party.


"The location is question was the Nopon Pioneers' Spring. The girls had a blast - except, unfortunately, Sheba... (DLC Quest)"

Unlock Item

As with all quests obtained from the Expansion Pass, the quest will only appear after the corresponding Key Item is collected from the menu.


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