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Howard is an NPC in Xenoblade Chronicles X. He is a Human who can be found at the Central Industrial District of New Los Angeles. He is a member of the Curators Division. He is the pilot of the titular vehicle in the mission A Proper Chopper. During this mission, he can be found at Sunlit Spring in Noctilum.


At Sunlit Spring during A Proper Chopper, Howard and Ciska had been stranded after their freight helicopter crashed in the area. Cross discovers him attempting to fend off the Saltat surrounding them. Howard and Ciska bicker at each other about whose fault it was that caused them to crash. After Cross finishes up the Saltat, Howard is glad to know that he hasn't been forsaken yet. He is dumbfounded when he learns that Roscoe prepared a rescue mission for them due to his stinginess. He asks them to find some materials to repair the helicopter while he guards it and Ciska doing maintenance work. If the player chose the correct wire, both Howard and Ciska return to New Los Angeles alive. Despite this, their bickering never went away according to Roscoe.

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