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For the holofigure, see Human-Made Skell (holofigure).

Human-Made Skells are machine enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are Skell enemies made from Human technology. They are all Mission Exclusive enemies, including one Boss. With one exception, they are all Urban models.


"Human-made bipedal mobile weapons. Their basic structure consists of a variable inner frame with an outer frame mounted on top, allowing for the crafts to shift rapidly between humanoid combat mode and vehicular cruise mode.

The outer frame is divided into two components; the first, known as the hull, consists of a layer of secondary armor, as well as an integrated weapons array, auxillary drive unit, power pack, and armament rack. The second, known as the backpack, houses the mobility module, as well as control systems for weaponry and the Skell itself. Switching out the hull allows the pilot to customize his or her Skell for a diverse array of strategies and squad configurations."

List of Human-Made Skell enemies

Name Variant Type Location Time Weather Level
Alexa Special Boss New Los Angeles Weaponized Any 16
Blood Despair Boss Cauldros Rise of the Blood Lobster Any 60
Briggs Boss Primordia The Celeste Three Any 27
Dolba the Wrecker Boss Sylvalum Professorial All 43
Fosdyke Boss Primordia The Celeste Three Any 23 - 24
Gold Courage Boss Primordia During A Dubious Operation, A route Any 32
Grenade Pizza F Boss Oblivia Murder Most Foul Any 35
Leroy's Ire Boss Primordia Forbidden Love Any 38
Lightning Strike Boss Sylvalum The Line of Fire Any 40
Lineage Normal Primordia During Alien Nation, A route All 43
Lineage Normal Oblivia Shotgun Diplomacy All 43
Lineage Boss Cauldros Alex's Last Stand All 43
Moorehouse Boss Primordia The Celeste Three Any 25 - 26
Prog Ares Boss Cauldros Chapter 11 All 45
Running Shark Boss Noctilum My Dream Any 21
Speed Mod Custom Skell Normal Oblivia Professor B's Return Any
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