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Impassable Edgar is a Unique Monster in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is a member of the Garlus family and can be found at level 60 at Declessa Altar Hill in Lower Level in the Kingdom of Tantal.

He must be defeated in order to unlock Zenobia's level 5 "Leaping" Field Skill and Theory's level 5 Frost Banish Blade Special.


Name Type Rarity Rate
Specials Lv 2 Plus V Aux Core Legendary (rarity 3) 8.4%
Telepathy V Aux Core Legendary (rarity 3) 8.4%
Arts Aggro Boost V Aux Core Legendary (rarity 3) 7.2%
Critical Up V Aux Core Legendary (rarity 3) 7.2%
Optical Headband Accessory Rare (rarity 2) 7.2%
Optical Headband Accessory Legendary (rarity 3) 4.8%
Common Core Crystal Core Crystal Common (rarity 1) 20.0%
Rare Core Crystal Core Crystal Rare (rarity 2) 13.0%
Legendary Core Crystal Core Crystal Legendary (rarity 3) 3.9%