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For the status in Xenoblade Chronicles X, see Incapacitated (XCX).

Incapacitated is a status effect in Xenoblade Chronicles.


The status only applies to members of the active party once their HP reaches zero. When under the effects of incapacitation, the character will fall to the ground, unable to do anything and their portrait will show the character's low-Tension portrait with its colour inverted. In Definitive Edition, the character's low-Tension portrait has a slightly cherry red hue.

If a party member is incapacitated, they can be revived by another member of the active party if at least one of third of the Party Gauge is filled. Subsequently after revival, the character will usually have very low tension and will need to be supported by another team member to return them to normal.

If the lead party member (the character that is currently controlled by the player) becomes incapacitated and the party gauge is not filled enough for one of the other two party members to revive them, the battle ends in a loss. The party will then be sent to the nearest Skip Travel Point.

When a battle ends or the party flees a battle successfully, any incapacitated party members will automatically be revived with 1 HP.

Equipping Unbeatable gems to the party will result in attacks that would normally incapacitate the party member to occasionally deal enough damage to 1 HP. Certain battle-relevant characters such as Dickson will be equipped with weapons that are fitted with a special Unbeatable VI Gem which gives them 100% immunity to Incapacitation.

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