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An Insidia

Insidias (Japanese: パラコ, Parako) are bipedal reptilian-like creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They look like small Dilophosaurids.


"Concealed among the trees, these dinosaur-like carnivores wait for prey to wander by, then use their powerful legs to close in for the kill. If a stronger creature poses a threat, insidias will violently cough up stones from their digestive tracts, creating a brief window which can be used to beat a hasty retreat."

"Herds consist of several insidias with no special regard for gender or age. During breeding season, multiple herds gather in a single spot for mate selection. Those who fail to acquire mates assume nursing duty, helping others to raise their young."

Color Variants

Insidias fall into two color variants:

  • Green insidias have green fur, light grey legs with green markings, and white-tipped frills. They can drop Evolved Insidia Claws.
  • Pink insidias have pink fur, dark grey legs, and red-tipped frills. They can drop Ornate Insidia Claws.

List of Insidias

Name Variant Type Location Time Weather Level
Bizarre Insidia Pink Normal Primordia Anytime except Morning All
Empress Insidia Pink Normal Noctilum Climbing the Ladder All
Glaive Insidia Green Normal Oblivia Anytime All 41 – 50
Griffus, the Tartarean Pink Tyrant Noctilum Anytime All 49
Hermit Insidia Green Normal Oblivia Meeting Yelv All
Javelin Insidia Green Normal Oblivia Anytime All 31 – 40
Lambert, the Divine Wind Green Tyrant Noctilum Anytime All 15
Pike Insidia Green Normal Noctilum 21 - 30
Soldier Insidia Green Normal Noctilum Climbing the Ladder All
Spear Insidia Green Normal Noctilum Anytime All 11 - 20
Vermilion Insidia Pink Normal Noctilum Anytime All 41 - 50


Insidia is Latin for "ambush."


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