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Instant Death is a status in Xenoblade Chronicles. It inflicts damage equal to the target's maximum HP, thereby killing or incapacitating the target. Enemies killed by Instant Death from either Reflection or self infliction do not drop Treasure Chests.

Protection from this status can be obtained by using Sharla's Cure Bullet or Cure Round arts, or Divine Protect or Debuff Resist gems. Sharla's Shield Bullet does not give complete protection but can reduce the damage, leaving the target with HP up to equal to the amount of protection provided by the Shield, which prevents an immediate Knockout from Instant Death. The Instant Death status cannot bypass the effect of an Unbeatable Gem, and it is still possible to survive with 1 HP if an Unbeatable Gem's effect activates upon being hit with an Instant Death art or spike. Monado Shield will negate both the damage and the debuff of a Talent Art with Instant Death.

Nebulae (excluding Unique Monsters) have an art which inflicts Instant Death upon themselves. The resulting explosion causes Blow-Down and another status to party members within its range. These arts can be disrupted by inflicting Sleep before they are capable of fully performing the art.

Pods have a Hatching art which causes Instant Death to the pod and releases the monster that is inside the pod.


  • Instant Death can be blocked by triggering a Chain Attack just before the attack.
  • All Unique Monsters and Bosses are immune to Instant Death. 
  • All other monsters can be killed with Instant Death; however, any monster that does so to itself will not grant any drops upon defeat. Anything stolen with Yoink! will be awarded upon the battle's end, however.



Enemies (by Art name)

Arts that inflict Instant Death on the caster are noted as Suicide Arts.

Aqua Burst I (Suicide)

Corona Burst IV (Suicide)

Cosmo Burst V (Suicide)

Decapitator (only if the target is Toppled)

Devour X

Ether Break I (Suicide)

Explosion (Suicide)

Explosion (Talent) (Suicide)

Fatal Crunch

Hatching (Suicide)

Ice Burst III (Suicide)

Killer Snipe IV

Massacre Lotus (only if the target is Toppled)

Meltdown (Suicide)

Rex Gore

Sacrifice (Suicide)

Sand Burst II (Suicide)

Volt Burst I (Suicide)

Wind Burst II (Suicide)


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