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Ionospheric Mitchell is a Unique Monster in Torna ~ The Golden Country. It is a member of the Marrin family and can be found at level 50 in the Lasaria Region of the Kingdom of Torna, floating just off the side of Uccar's Trail.


Name Type Rarity Rate
Critical Up III Aux Core Rarity2 9.6%
Polygon Chip Core Chip Rarity2 10.8%
Boxer Vambraces Accessory Rarity2 7.2%
Boxer Vambraces Accessory Rarity3 4.8%
Thunder Braid Weapon Rarity3 4.0%
Pyro Greatsword Weapon Rarity3 4.0%
Tempest Sword Weapon Rarity3 4.0%
Reflect Immunity Accessory Rarity3 9.0%
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