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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

"We threaten them? WE didn't blow up their planet! WE didn't hunt them halfway across the galaxy to wipe out their whole goddamn species!"
— Irina

Irina Akulov (Japanese: イリーナ・アクロフ, Irina Akurofu; English dub: /ᵻˈriː.nə ˈæk.ᵿˌlɔːf/) is one of the eight main playable characters of Xenoblade Chronicles X. She is a team leader within the Interceptors Division, and a member of BLADE. Irina becomes recruitable after Chapter 3.

Before Earth was destroyed, she was a part of the Unified Government Forces Special Vehicle Guidance Squad as Elma's subordinate. She idolizes and respects Elma, having previously worked under her. She has a strong desire to protect the people of Mira.


Irina is a human with blonde hair and silver eyes. She sports a straight neck-length bob cut hairstyle with a large, centered bang.


Irina has a tomboyish attitude, and is initially cold to people before gradually showing her warm side over time. She has a strong desire to protect the people of New Los Angeles. Because of this, she has been shown retrieving survivors from the scattered Lifehold units on the planet.

Irina can become very emotional when family ties are involved in conflict, as she believes that family and blood are some of the most important aspects of humanity. Due to these views, she tends to get sentimental at the idea of someone being dismissive of, or disrespectful to their family and/or blood relatives. She had a younger brother, Leon, who did not make it onto the White Whale.



Irina is located at the BLADE Concourse in the Administrative District of New Los Angeles, across from the Mission Board. She will join the party if asked by the lead party member.


Irina can be recruited after Chapter 3.

In battle

The Class of Irina is an Alternative Psycorruptor. When she is first recruited, she is level 14 and rank 3. She wields a Knife and an Assault Rifle. Her two Signature Arts are Smooth Recovery (Knife) and Quick Cannon (Assault Rifle). She has four skill slots. Her class progression is as follows:

Class Rank Arts Skills
1 Repair
Burst Grenade
2 Full Specs
3 Furious Blast
4 Screamer
5 Smooth Recovery
6 Dispel
7 Flash Grenade Inner Search
8 Brainjack
9 Medic Free Feather Touch
10 Quick Cannon
11 Absorber Skin Healing Touch
12 Assault Hammer
13 Servant Sacrifice High Tension
14 Energy Source
15 Last Stand Beauty Sleep
16 King's Decree
17 Unpleasant Dream
18 King's Boon


Affinity Name Location When Reqs
Maneater Central Industrial District Night
♥♥ Dogged Obsession Cathedral Evening Dog
♥♥♥ This Is My Rifle Hangar Morning
♥♥♥♥ Charging In Outfitters Test Hangar Anytime
♥♥♥♥♥ Boggled by the Googles North Founders St. Anytime


Fathers and Sons My Dream
Chapter 5 Chapter 7 Boot Camp Renewed Will
Serial Thriller We Were Soldiers

Affinity Links


Main story

Irina piloting a Skell

Irina, along with Gwin, introduces herself to Cross after Elma and company arrive in New Los Angeles. Shortly after, Irina and Gwin leave for their posts while Elma, Cross, and Lin head for the BLADE Barracks.

Irina later leads a team, which consists of Gwin, Marcus, and herself, to retrieve a Lifehold unit that was discovered in Oblivia. Cross, Elma, and Lin eventually join up with the team to clear the area of potential threats. However, when Irina and Marcus investigate the Lifehold unit, Elma suddenly commands them to fall back, avoiding a surprise attack by Goetia. It is then that Irina learns of the Ganglion threat, she becomes highly emotional. While Irina and her team head back to the city, Lin is confused by Irina's emotional outburst. Elma reveals that Irina had a younger brother who perished on Earth due to not being able to board the White Whale.

Soon afterwards, the Ganglion are revealed to have activated multiple factions to invade New Los Angeles, prompting BLADE to activate defense units. Irina and Doug are selected to lead the Skell factions as the primary line of defense. During the battle, her subordinate Marcus is killed by homing missiles and she, in frustration, promises to wake him up first when they find the Lifehold Core. When the Ganglion manage to retrieve a special mech, Irina is the one to report the event to Elma.

She is later seen when almost all of BLADE is mobilized to secure the Lifehold Core, and she is among the party that enters the core to confront Luxaar and the final boss. In the closing scene, Irina is seemingly on a relaxing lunch date with Gwin before being harassed by Murderess. She becomes clearly aggravated and starts going after her.


  • In Chapter 7, Elma revealed to the group that Irina lost her younger brother when Earth was obliterated.
  • In Chapter 11 with Vandham, it is revealed by Lin that Irina had been acting strange, reckless, and even suicidal based on what Gwin said.
  • During the mission My Dream, dialogue between Irina and the Murderess implies that Irina's mother died when she was young.


Battle dialogue

Drawing weapon Irina in lead Irina in party
Against an enemy "You're mine." "Way ahead of ya."
Against a large enemy "The bigger they are, the more ass there is to kick."

"Kid gloves are off!"

"Anybody that holds back has to answer to me."

"The bigger they are, the more ass there is to kick."

Against a tyrant "You don't know what you're in for." "You haven't seen me angry yet."
Status effects
Stagger "Crap!"
Topple "Dammit!"
Flinch "What?!"
Knockback "Ugh...don't push me!"
Launch [Yell]
Stun "I can't move!"
Sleep "Can't...keep my eyes...open."
Control "Who said you could control me?"
An enemy notices the party "Come on, you and me."

"Meet the woman who's going to wreck your life."

A large enemy notices the party "What the hell do these things eat?"
Very low HP "Okay...this isn't good."
Becoming incapacitated "Leon..."
Reviving an ally "Get up, you're not done yet."
Thanking "Thanks!"

"Much better."
"Thank you."
"There we go."

Accumulating 3000 TP "Get ready for a group pounding!"
Activating Overdrive (Ground gear) "I'll settle this!"
Activating Overdrive (Skell) "Overdrive, follow me!"
Overdrive counter hits 50 "You can still run if you run now."
Overdrive counter hits 100 "You had your chance to run, too bad."
Entering skell "Time to break out my skell."
Exiting skell "This is no place for a skell."
Skell's fuel runs low "Dammit, I need to put an end to this fast."
Skell runs out of fuel "I'm all out."
an Enemy joins the battle "More? Didn't know I was so popular."
Responding to battle commands "Got it!"

"On it!"

Leveling up "Getting stronger."
Winning a battle "I could have taken them on alone."

"Problem solved."
"And here I thought they'd be tough."
"Hey, nice moves there."

Soul Voices

  • "Ramp up that adrenaline!"
  • "Use an aura and get in there!"
  • "I'm not clocking out yet. Heal me!"
  • "Nailed it! Now cripple 'em!"
  • "This thing is huge! Be careful!"
  • "Man, that felt good. C'mon!"
  • "Follow me! I'm on a roll!"
  • "They can't move. Concentrate your fire!"
  • "Charge things up! Use a buff!"
  • "They're tougher than they look. Help!"
  • "Sorry. The rest is...up to you..."
  • "I got an appendage! Now topple 'em!"
  • "Yes! Weaken it!"
  • "On me! Overdrive!"
  • "We're ALL getting through this! Cover me while I go in!"
  • "Now! Knock 'em right out of their beauty sleep!

Post-battle dialogue

Party member
Male Cross (Heroic) Cross - "Fate dealt us these cards, so we have to play them!"

Irina - "Yup, if you can't run from the reality give it a good punch in the face."

Male Cross (Joker) Cross - "Everybody okay? Don't make me haul my butt home solo."

Irina - "Heh, cute. At least someone's got a sense of humor."

Male Cross (Rebel) Cross - "GOD! What is WITH this planet?"

Irina - "Would you relax? You're taking years of my life with that shouting."

Male Cross (Rookie) Cross - "Keep moving! We can reflect on our battles later."

Irina - "Never did me any good to dwell."

Male Cross (Studious) Cross - "Well... I apologize for losing my cool just then."

Irina - "Try to keep a handle on it. All of our lives are on the line."

Male Cross (Classic) Cross - "I know we're fighting for humanity, but this all feels so futile."

Irina - "What?! Send this guy back to boot camp."

Male Cross (Warrior) Cross - "Men are like stones, smoothed by the tides of battle."

Irina - "He used to say those kinds of things too, but I agree."

Female Cross (Heroic) Cross - "Another dawn to dusk work day? Sounds like fun to me!"

Irina - "Yeah, try fighting instead of shooting your mouth off."

Female Cross (Joker) Cross - "Meh, I'm BUSHED! Did I do all the work or what?"

Irina - "Yeah not bad at all, nice work. "

Female Cross (Independent) Cross - "C'mon, there's no time to lose. We've got a mountain of things to do!"

Irina - "You're starting to sound like a certain someone."

Female Cross (Mature) Cross - "[sigh] These Miran winds are not very compatible with my hair."

Irina - "Oh brother. As if one princess wasn't enough."

Female Cross (Peppy) Cross - "One small step for BLADE, one giant leap for humankind."

Irina - "Just make sure you don't leap humanity into trouble. We're a team."

Female Cross (Classic) Cross - "Is it over? I haven't even finished rolling up my sleeves."

Irina - "Sorry you missed out. Couldn't help wrecking 'em before you got there."

Female Cross (Soldier) Cross - "I'm torn; do I master hand-to-hand combat, or focus on ranged attacks?"

Irina - "The answers will come with experience. Be patient."

Elma Irina - "Hey colonel, wanna go shopping when we get back?"

Elma - "Sure, I hear Mall Cruz is having a sale."

Gwin Irina - "Good news Gwin! I'm on dinner duty tonight."

Gwin- "Oh great!...Remind me to drink a lot of water."

Hope Irina - "Thanks for the care package the other day Hope. It was delicious."

Hope - "Even when you're not hungry you have to remember to eat, you know."

Mia Mia - "Me and these nice xenos I met are doing a girls' night out. You should come Irina."

Irina - "Alright, mail me the deeds and I'll see if I can get out of work."

Alexa Alexa - "The new Sakuraba is crazy fun! Wanna fire a few rounds later?"

Irina - "You'll let me try it? I've been drooling ever since I saw the ads."

Yelv Yelv - "Damn Irina, you don't fight like a girl."

Irina - "You're gonna be singing like one if you keep that up."

Adding-to-party dialogue

Instance Greeting Accept Refuse
Before Chapter 7 "Hey, Cross. How's it going? If you need some backup, just say so. I'm always willing to help. Not that you're extra-special or anything--it's just one of my duties as a enior officer. Anyway, feel free to bring me along if you want." "Roger that. Leave the hard parts to me." "Hey if you're sure you can handle it, then great. But if you ever run into trouble, come find me."
After Chapter 7 "Don't worry--I'm not going to freak out on you again. Such things are disrespectful to my teammates. I realize that now. And with that out of the way, let's get moving! I've got your back, no matter the mission." "Right on. Let's team up and take these bastards down." "You sure? Well, if you need more backup, come find me. Roger that?"
Chapter 4 "Wait, so your next mission is in Noctilum? Then you'll want to leave through the west gate. You know, I'm between missions right now. Why don't I come along and show you the way? I've eradicated more than a few Noctilum indigens. I could be a big help to you." "Then let's not waste any time! The west gate's over in the industrial district." "Hey if you're sure you can handle it, then great. But if you ever run into trouble, come find me."
Chapter 9 "We don't have time to be looking over our shoulders right now. We have to hurry and find the Lifehold Core so we can bring Marcus back to us. So bring me along, okay?" "Roger that. Leave the hard parts to me." "You sure? Well, if you need more backup, come find me. Roger that?"
Chapter 10 "Looks like it'll be a while before Lao's mimeosome is in working order again. And if he ain't moving, that's just more work we'll have to do in his stead. Speaking of, you need any help?" "You got it. I'll make sure that anyone who stands in our way doesn't stand for long." "You sure? Well, if you need more backup, come find me. Roger that?"
Chapter 11 "Hey, wait. You have to take me with you on this one. I won't be satisfied until I can look Lao in the eyes and ask him a question. And if he gives the wrong answer, I won't be satisfied until I can pummel him with my own two fists! So take me along!" "Thanks. If he really did betray us, then we're gonna make him answer for what he did." "But the pummeling! I was gonna pummel him so hard!"
Chapter 12 "We have to secure the Lifehold Core and give everyone here some semblance of a normal life. We'll do it for my little brother and everyone else we left behind on Earth. Right, Cross? Let's do this! You and me, baby!" "Right on. Let's team up and take these bastards down." "All right. If you change your mind, let me know ASAP."
After Chapter 12 "So long as Mira's overrun with dangerous indigens and Ganglion loyalists are fighting for their cause, an Interceptor's work is never done. So if you need a hand, I've always got two right here. What say we get out there right now and do some damage? You know, for the security of New LA?" "You got it. I'll make sure that anyone who stands in our way doesn't stand for long." "You sure? Well, if you need more backup, come find me. Roger that?"


  • "Nice work out there, ma'am."
  • "Come on, seriously? Chausson was never one to let the truth get in the way of a good speech. Still, every last survivor counts. You can call me Irina. I'm with the Interceptors."
  • "You're still "colonel" to me, ma'am. No reorg will ever change that. And that's not about chain of command, either. It's about respect. You've earned it."
  • "Sorry, pint-size. What Gwin lacks in stature, he more than makes up for with his monstrous appetite. He's...kind of a pig."
  • "We threaten them? WE didn't blow up their planet! WE didn't hunt them halfway across the galaxy to wipe out their whole goddamn species!"
  • "Dammit. That was a direct hit. We lost him. The second we find that Core... I'll bring you back first. I swear it."
  • "I like this idea. We'll find Marcus the handsomest, strongest, most un-Gwin-like mim around."
  • "You think you're the only one here who's worried? We all are. We're scared to death! That's why we're here. Together."
  • "That slug-faced bastard! He's targeting the main control system!"
  • "All the more reason. You can't make up for your mistakes when you're dead. Hell, he'd better come back. He's got work to do. Wrongs he needs to right."
  • "Relax, there's no need for us to hurry, right? We're finally home free—we've got all the time in the world now."