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Jarack (Japanese: ジャック, Jakku, Jack) is a High Entia in Xenoblade Chronicles. He can be found on the Ether Plant in the Eryth Sea.


Jarack NPC

Jarack overlooking the windmills

Jarack can be found in a few different places depending on the active quest, but he can normally be found in the central circular region of the Ether Plant during the day from 4:30 to 15:00. At night he can usually be found on the circular walkway around the southeastern turbine from about 16:00 to 21:00, and from 22:20 to 3:00 at the western end of the Ether Plant's main walkway.

During Hode Attack, he can be found below the circular central area (on the grassy area, beside the rock).

Only during Trouble at the Lighthouse, he can be found at the top of the Syrath Lighthouse.



Item Affinity Value
Aura Heal III 1
Old Dragon Spine ☆1
Hunting Nibbler (1 slot) ☆1
Stylish Belt (1 slot) ☆1
Sea Berry ☆2
Thunder Compass ☆3
Aura Heal IV ☆3
Aqueous Andos Oil ☆5
Murky Eluca Water Overtrade +1,510 G


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