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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

"If the Architect does indeed exist, I wish I could ask him... Who am I, truly?"
— Jin

Jin (Japanese: シン, Shin) is an antagonist in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is the head of the secret organization Torna who wants to find and capture Pyra, seconded by Malos.

Originally known as the Paragon of Torna, Jin's powers revolve around the use of ice and lightning-fast movement. After becoming a Flesh Eater, his powers are greatly enhanced, being able to control elementary particles, albeit suffering from severe pain from time to time.

Jin was designed by Tetsuya Nomura, a lead character designer for the Final Fantasy series.


Jin is a sombre Blade of few words, which gives him a cold and somewhat unfriendly demeanor. Despite this he cares deeply for those he feels responsible for (Lora, young Mikhail, and Malos) and despite his distaste for fighting will not hesitate to defend them with force. Upon becoming a Flesh Eater his worldview, previously quite kind and defensive of people regardless of their relationship to him, changes drastically as he loses faith in humanity and begins to wish not only for his own death but that of the Architect.


Jin is a tall, well built man with shoulder-length white hair, fair skin and blue eyes. His core crystal is blue, diamond-shaped and located under his fringe on his forehead; when in public he usually wears a horned face-mask to hide that he is a Blade - and, initially, the paragon of Torna. He wears white and silver armour.

Upon becoming a flesh-eater, Jin's true appearance changes; although he can retain his normal Blade form, his core crystal becomes completely red and upon using his strengthened powers he gains black plate armour open at the chest to expose a wound, presumably intended to cross his heart.


Previous Life

Jin with Ornelia and her family

Jin was known as the Paragon of Torna. Jin was once the Blade of a person named Ornelia, and was a member of the Colony Defense Force. They fought together in a war for independence, saving villages, and eventually Ornelia passed away, leaving Jin to return to his Core Crystal until he was reawakened. Before he did, however, he wrote down in his journal a way for he and his Driver to be carved together in flesh. He also mused whether the Architect exists, and wondered who he truly is. During his time with Ornelia, he was also close friends with Azurda.

Resonance with Lora

Jin resonates with Lora

Later, Jin’s Core Crystal was stolen by Gort and resonates with a ten-year-old girl named Lora. When Gort threatened to kill her to take possession of Jin, Jin stopped him instead, cutting his right arm off in the process, in order to protect her. Jin and Lora later went on the run, and Lora created a special mask for Jin to hide his identity.

Aegis War

Jin with his Driver, Lora

Jin and Lora eventually came across a razed Porton Village, where they find Mikhail. They took him in and offered to take care of him. The group later encountered one of Malos' Artifices, a Gargoyle, but are rescued by Addam and Mythra. Addam was amazed at the synergy between Jin and Lora and their unique fighting style of sharing a weapon. Addam ultimately decided not to bring in Lora for stealing Jin's Core Crystal and chose to team up with Jin. Both Addam and Hugo decided to copy the technique of sharing a weapon.

Jin later traveled to Gormott with Lora in hopes of finding Lora's mother, Rynea. Torigoth, however, had been razed by rogue Coeian forces. Jin briefly left Lora as she stayed behind to honor the graves of the people of Torigoth. Gort attempted to ambush Lora and kill her to reclaim Jin, but Jin rushed to Lora's side. At Lora's request, Jin didn't kill Gort and allowed him to escape.

While stopping in Hyber Village, Lora and Jin were approached by Teo who claimed to have known Jin and Ornelia when he was young; he told them that the old house Jin once lived in was still standing in the outskirts of a nearby village. Upon investigating, Jin found his journal, and read what he had written about joining together the spirits of a Driver and their Blade. He decided to keep this information hidden from Lora.

Jin fights Malos

Jin joined the group as they confront Malos at the capital Auresco. After the battle, the Tornan King recognized Lora's heroics, and Addam knighted her the following day. Lora remarked that Jin no longer needs the mask to hide his identity, but he continued to keep it in hopes of remembering Lora once he returns to his Core Crystal. As Jin and the others battled Malos at the Tornan Titan's core, Jin questioned Malos' bloodlust. Malos claimed that most humans are not like Lora and are instead corrupt beings.

Lora's Death

After the war, Jin, Lora, Haze, and Mikhail parted ways with Addam as he and Pyra traveled to Leftheria. They spent some time in Gormott before eventually traveling to Spessia to meet up with Addam's militia. One night, Gort, transformed into a large chimera by the Indoline Praetorium, attacked the group. By using Jin's sword, Lora was able to kill Gort once and for all.

Lora's death

Amalthus, now promoted to Praetor, issued an attack on Tornans' new home of Spessia in hopes of destroying the Aegis. In the attack, Lora was fatally wounded. She told Jin that for humans, being forgotten is a fate worse than death, and though Jin assured her that he would not forget her, they both knew that the nature of Blades would not allow his memories to be passed down after her death and his return to his Core Crystal. With his knowledge about Flesh Eaters, Jin was able to join Lora's spirit with his own by eating her heart, ensuring that he could live on without a Driver and retain the memories they had made together.

New Torna

Malos recruits Jin

Malos, having survived his battle with Mythra, later met a dejected Jin in a city alleyway and offered to work with him. The two formed the new organization of Torna, with the goal of going to Elysium and killing the Architect. Using the Monoceros, Jin finds Ornelia's house drifting in the Cloud Sea after it fell off of the Tornan Titan. He burns the house down with his old journal and the group photographs with Lora and Ornelia inside. Azurda meets him at the house, but Jin states that their paths will not cross again. Jin then puts Lora's body in suspended animation on board the Monoceros to remind himself to never have faith in the Architect.

Jin became the de facto leader of the group. He rescued Mikhail from the Indoline Praetorium after Mikhail was turned into a Blade Eater. He found Akhos and Patroka, two other Flesh Eaters, imprisoned and being transferred from Tantal to Indol. He asked them to join him, and they agreed. He also breaks Nia and Dromarch out of Indoline custody, and Nia joins him as well. Jin knew that the first step was to reawaken the other Aegis, who had been sealed away by Addam after the end of the war.

Re-awakening of Pyra

He requests a person from the Leftherian Archipelago to help on a salvage mission, with Rex ultimately agreeing to the job. The salvage team manages to bring up the target shipwreck, and once inside, Jin finds his target, the Aegis. However, Rex unexpectedly begins to resonate with it, prompting Jin to stab him in the back, killing him. However, Rex is ultimately resurrected by Pyra and, with the help of Azurda and Nia, manages to escape, leaving Jin empty-handed.

Later, at the Olethro Ruins, Akhos reveals that Jin plans on using the Aegis to wipe humanity from existence in the world of Alrest.

Titan weapon

Jin kills Haze

Jin travels to the ruins of Judicium on the Titan Temperantia, and takes control of a Titan weapon that was being excavated by the Empire of Mor Ardain. With it, he fires on the Kingdom of Uraya's forces, making it seem as if the Empire had illegally attacked them and nearly sparking a war. The party fights him atop the Titan, where he reveals to be a Blade, but with his powers limited by Fan la Norne, Haze's new identity, they manage to force him away; however, he kills Fan la Norne by stabbing her through her Core Crystal and escapes with Akhos. It is soon revealed that Jin's Core Crystal is partially damaged due to his life as a Flesh Eater.

True Form

Jin's Flesh-eater form

He is fought again in the Genbu Crown, where he demands the party hand over the Omega Fetter and the Aegis. When they refuse, he reveals his true form, which gives him control over all elementary particles and allows him to move his body at the speed of light, making it impossible to dodge his attacks, even with Mythra's foresight. He is able to withstand Mythra's attack from Siren, and along with a new army of artificial Blades, he and the other members of Torna restrain the entire party. When Pyra threatens to destroy herself with the power of Siren to thwart their plans, he lets the party go, but leaves with Pyra and the Omega Fetter.

He and Malos are later fought at the Cliffs of Morytha, he was shocked when Rex expresses his understanding on what it means to be Driver and Blade and when Rex attains his Master Driver state and is able to match him blow for blow. As he is defeated, Rex noticed the sadness in his opponent and refused to finish him. After a heated battle between Ophion and Siren, he, along with Rex and his companions, falls through the Cloud Sea to the Land of Morytha below.

Land of Morytha

Mythra assumes her ascended state to heal Jin, and in the process, she discovers that he is a Flesh Eater. Jin temporarily joins the party to escape Morytha, where the Monoceros comes to retrieve him. During their time in Morytha, Jin reveals that Amalthus was the one who massacred the remaining Tornan citizens on Spessia and that he consumed Lora's heart to continue living. He convinces Malos, Akhos, Mikhail, and Patroka not to attack the group, and they leave for the World Tree.

Climbing the World Tree

Malos bids Jin goodbye

He and Malos leave the others and climb the World Tree. Jin stays behind at the Megrez Gateway to meet the party again, letting Malos go to meet the Architect alone. He tells them that he wants to see for himself if the world will choose Rex or Malos, but that he cannot let them pass without a fight. He says that he made a promise to see through Malos' will, even if it means his death.

He cannot understand why Rex wants to open up Elysium to humanity, thinking that they will eventually destroy it as they did with Morytha and Torna. Rex is able to defeat him, knocking his sword out of his hand and convincing Jin that the Blades are supposed to keep humans in check. As they talk, Akhos and Patroka arrive to help him. Jin orders them to stand down, saying that they have done all they have needed. Patroka asks Nia to heal Jin; she agrees and Patroka goes to prepare him for treatment. As she goes, however, she is killed by Amalthus, who has used all of the Core Crystals he "cleansed" to gain immense power.

Jin faces Amalthus

Amalthus also rips out Akhos' Core Crystal, killing him and enraging Jin, but he is too weak to fight; instead, the party fights Amalthus, defeating him. Still intent on meeting the Architect and erasing everything in the world himself, he sends out his tendrils of energy to try and destroy the World Tree from the inside. Telling Rex to stop Malos, Jin releases all the power he has left, freezing Amalthus to the back wall. After Amalthus dies, Jin's Core Crystal finally cracks, and he falls to his knees and dissolves in a white light.


Jin is a temporary NPC found at the C.S.E.V. Maelstrom's interior in the Argentum Trade Guild.

In Xenoblade Chronicles 2


  • Ultraslash, Back attack ↑
  • Skyward Slash, AOE / Break
  • Empty Moment, AOE / Evasion
  • Stunned Swallow, Evasion / Counter (Can't be used)
During Chapter 8, when Jin temporarily joins the party, Empty Moment is replaced with:
  • Heavenly Disrupt, Topple / Launch / Smash
During the Challenge Battle Titan Battleship Assault, Jin is the controlled character with the following arts:
  • Stunned Swallow, Evasion / Counter / Launch
  • Empty Moment, AOE / Evasion
  • Heavenly Disrupt, Driver Combo


Jin is fought four times as a boss. He is first fought at level 40 at the Haggle's Swordtip in the Central Plain of Temperantia, at level 46 at Genbu Crown in the Head area of the Kingdom of Tantal, at level 54 at the Gotrock Oracle Ruins in the Lower Level of the Cliffs of Morytha, and at level 66 at Lv. 4, Megrez in the Upper Level of the World Tree. This enemy drops no items.


Art Type Element Hits Range Damage Ratio Reaction Effect
Auto-Attack ※1 Physical - 3 One target 130/150/220 - -
Ultraslash Physical - 2 One target 250 Knockback -
Skyward Slash Physical - 1 Ahead 250 Blade Affinity Down -
Empty Moment Physical - 4 Circle 350 Blowdown The user becomes Evasive while using this Art.
Stunned Swallow Counter - - Self - Launch Inflicts Launch upon being hit. The user becomes Evasive when using this Art.
Heavenly Disrupt Physical - 9 One Target 180/100 ※2 Knockback / Topple / Launch / Smash All Reactions are forced, they will take effect even if the previous reaction was not applied, meaning Heavenly Disrupt can inflict Topple, Launch and even Smash from a normal state.
Zero Zone ※3 Debuff Ice - Circle - Nullify Heal -
Bladeless Blade ※3 Physical Ice 12 Circle 800 Knockback / Blowdown The user becomes Evasive while using this Art.
Demon Cloak ※4 Status - - Circle - Taunt -

※1 Jin's Auto-Attacks have different strength across each of his battles.
※2 Heavenly Disrupt is slightly weaker during the Challenge Battle "Serious Showdown".
※3 Jin only uses these Arts once he has transformed into his True form, which includes the battles at Tantal, Gotrock Oracle Ruins, Lv.4 Megrez and during the aforementioned Challenge Battle.
※4 Jin only uses this Art during the battle at Gotrock Oracle Ruins and during the aforementioned Challenge Battle.

Challenge Battle

Jin is fought at level 64 as a Challenge Battle Enemy alongside Malos during the Challenge Battle Serious Showdown.

In Torna ~ The Golden Country

In Torna ~ The Golden Country Jin is a protagonist and a Special Legendary Blade, who can grant tremendous power to his Driver, Lora, and her allies. Jin uses the ice element, and wields a Nodachi in battle.


Vanguard Arts

Rear Guard Arts



  • Lv. 1 - Hailstrike - Cut the enemy to ribbons with a series of quick, relentless slashes.
  • Lv. 2 - Zero Blade - A combo attack of sword cuts and ice spears delivered at absolute zero.
  • Lv. 3 - Ice Revolution - Unbalance your foe with a palm strike, then follow up with powerful slashes.
  • Lv. 4 - Midnight Sun - Follow up Lora's quickfire slashes with a full-force cleave.

Blade Skills

  • Transmigration - Increases damage dealt by 30% to 50% on every Vanguard Switch (max: 250%).
  • Full Resonance - Deal 60% to 100% more and take 10% to 30% less damage at max Affinity.
  • Mind's Eye - Increases critical damage by 20% to 80%.

Field Skills

  • Mineralogy - Lv. 3
  • Swift Swordplay - Lv. 3
  • Fortitude - Lv. 3

Favorite Items


At Campsites, Jin can craft food Pouch items from Collectibles. Jin's Home Cooking allows him to create:

Affinity Chart

Type Name Skill Level Affinity Level Effect Prerequisite Count Flavor Text
Key Affinity Reward 1 1 Unlocks level 1 of the Affinity Chart.
2 2 Unlocks level 2 of the Affinity Chart. Increase Trust 75 "Lora, we still have a long way to go."
3 3 Unlocks level 3 of the Affinity Chart. Increase Trust 500 "I'll protect Lora. Always."
4 4 Unlocks level 4 of the Affinity Chart. Increase Trust 2,000 "We're in perfect harmony now, Lora."
5 5 Unlocks level 5 of the Affinity Chart. Affinity bond will be easier to sustain. Increase Trust 4,500 "It's for Lora's sake that I fight. That will never change..."
Blade Special Hailstrike 1 1 Increases damage dealt to the back by 100%
2 2 Increases damage dealt to the back by 110% Use Hailstrike 10 "I must become stronger, or all is lost..."
3 3 Increases damage dealt to the back by 120% Defeat a Burran Gyanna at Lake Sarleigh in Torna, etc. 3 "I'm not quite there yet..."
4 4 Increases damage dealt to the back by 130% Use Hailstrike 25 "I've finally perfected it..."
5 5 Increases damage dealt to the back by 150% Defeat a Pallov Tirkin at the Verdant Fairylands in Torna, etc. 3 "This should be the end of it..."
Zero Blade 1 1 Increases damage dealt to toppled enemies by 100%
2 2 Increases damage dealt to toppled enemies by 110% Defeat a Arrah Rhogul on the Ordia Great Plains in Gormott, etc. 1 "Zero Blade can get stronger, I know it."
3 3 Increases damage dealt to toppled enemies by 120% Use Zero Blade 15 "I'm not done working on it yet."
4 4 Increases damage dealt to toppled enemies by 130% Defeat a Regus Moramora in the Ancient Lakebed in Torna, etc. 2 "You'll learn to fear my Zero Blade."
5 5 Increases damage dealt to toppled enemies by 150% Defeat a Grads Tirkin at the Saints' Practice Grounds in Gormott, etc. 3 "Now it's ready."
Ice Revolution 1 1 Increases damage dealt to higher-level enemies by 60%
2 2 Increases damage dealt to higher-level enemies by 70% Defeat a Cascade Krabble at the Serene Springside in Gormott, etc. 2 "Ice Revolution... You'll see its power."
3 3 Increases damage dealt to higher-level enemies by 80% Use Ice Revolution 10 "There's much to come to grips with."
4 4 Increases damage dealt to higher-level enemies by 90% Defeat a Grohl Plambus at Coolley Lake in Gormott, etc. 1 "Just a little more time..."
5 5 Increases damage dealt to higher-level enemies by 100% Use Ice Revolution 100% ""It is done."
Battle Skill Transmigration 1 1 Increases damage dealt by 30% on every Vanguard Switch (max: 250%)
2 2 Increases damage dealt by 35% on every Vanguard Switch (max: 250%) Finish off enemies 10 "I have much to learn..."
3 3 Increases damage dealt by 40% on every Vanguard Switch (max: 250%) Participate in Driver Combos 50 "I'll wield this for Lora's cause."
4 4 Increases damage dealt by 45% on every Vanguard Switch (max: 250%) Deal a certain amount of damage 300,000 "Everyone is safer with this power at my disposal."
5 5 Increases damage dealt by 50% on every Vanguard Switch (max: 250%) Finish off enemies 30 "All this violence... So senseless."
Full Reasonance 1 1 Deal 60% more and take 10% less damage at max Affinity
2 2 Deal 70% more and take 15% less damage at max Affinity Pull off a back attack 15 "Any opening begs to be exploited."
3 3 Deal 80% more and take 20% less damage at max Affinity Participate in a Chain Attack 10 "So, we can achieve more when we work together, hm...?"
4 4 Deal 90% more and take 25% less damage at max Affinity Overkill on Chain Attacks 5 "I'm not satisfied with myself yet..."
5 5 Deal 100% more and take 30% less damage at max Affinity Succeed in a button challenge during a battle (Previous instances count towards total) 350 "We move in perfect harmony..."
Mind's Eye 1 1 Increases critical damage by 20% Defeat a Arlo Kapiba in the Secluded Boneway in Torna, etc. 4 "We'd best stay prepared."
2 2 Increases critical damage by 35% Participate in Driver Combos 20 "Cooperation is proving more efficient."
3 3 Increases critical damage by 50% Deal a critical hit (Previous instances count towards total) 100 "I saw it in my mind's eye..."
4 4 Increases critical damage by 65% Deal a critical hit (Previous instances count towards total) 150 "Their weakness is...obvious to me."
5 5 Increases critical damage by 80% Make every item that Jin can craft 15 "It is its own kind of strength. For Lora."
Field Skill Mineralogy 1 1 Knowledge related to minerals. Mainly helps collect items in rocky areas
2 2 Use pouch items from the Meat Category 2 "Make the most of it, and battle becomes child's play..."
3 5 Meet characters from the Community list 88 "Lora cares about them, so I will too."
Swift Swordplay 1 1 The ability to strike too fast for anyone (except Jin) to see or follow
2 3 Use Jin's crafting skill (Previous instances count towards total) 5 "In cooking, as in combat, you need to keep your skills sharp."
3 4 Use Jin's crafting skill (Previous instances count toward total) 15 "Practicing my cooking gives me an edge in battle, too."
Fortitude 1 1 The power to endure hardships. Lets you excel at mind-numbing tasks, too Collect items 10 "Only the freshest ingredients will do."
2 3 Use Mythra's crafting skill 5 "That belongs in the trash heap..."
3 5 Walk a lot (Measurement is in peds) 85,000 "With you, I'll go anywhere,"


  • "If the Architect does indeed exist, I wish I could ask him... who am I, truly? Whence did I come? Whither am I headed?"
  • "I am who I am. I do not change."
  • "In the course of a lifetime, a man will see uncountable meetings and partings. Yet, as your life's candle sputters and dies, whose face is it that rises to greet you? Happy is the man who can sleep, in the comfort of the smile he sees then. No... I don't wish for "forever". Even just for one moment... it's enough, if it's with her. And yet, what is the man to do who has not been afforded that chance? The road stretches on without end. I cannot but walk down it. As long as I keep walking, I can hold out hope that one day, the time may come when I see her smile again. That hope keeps me afloat..."

Unique Battle Dialogue

Condition: Jin at 85% health

Condition: Jin at 65% health

Condition: Jin at 40% health

Condition: Jin at 20% health

Condition: Party defeated

Condition: Start battle

Condition: Jin's Target at 50% health

Condition: Party defeated

Pt 1
Condition: Party defeated

Pt 2
Condition: Start battle

Condition: Unknown

Condition: Jin at 60% health

Condition: Malos defeated

Condition: Jin defeated

Condition: Jin at 95% health

Condition: Jin at 70% health

Condition: Jin at 60% health and targeting Nia

Condition: Jin at 30% health

Condition: Jin defeated

Condition: Party defeated

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Post-Battle Dialogue

Main Cast

Team Rex
Rex Rex "Um, how's your injuries?"
Jin Jin "Better if you don't think about it."

Torna ~ The Golden Country - Post-Battle Dialogue

Lora Lora "You really do have a lot of trouble keeping your power in check, don’t you, Mythra?"
Mythra Mythra "It’s not my fault my enemies fall over when I so much as look at ‘em funny."
Jin Jin "…I would rather not cross swords with her again, if I can avoid it."
Mythra Mythra "With me here, it was obvious we were gonna win."
Jin Jin "Presumptuous, aren't you?"
Mythra Mythra "Hm? What was that now?"
Lora Lora "Easy now, guys. We're all friends here."
Jin Jin "It looks like I'm on dinner duty tonight. Does anyone have any requests?"
Addam Addam "Meat!"
Minoth Minoth "Meat!"
Jin Jin "Understood. Let me consider our options."
Jin Jin "It looks like I'm on dinner duty tonight. Does anyone have any requests?"
Mythra Mythra "Ooo, do something meaty!"
Jin Jin "Understood. Steamed vegetables it is."
Mythra Mythra "Wow. Rude."
Jin Jin "It looks like I'm on dinner duty tonight. Does any-"
Mythra Mythra "Oh, desserts! I demand it!"
Aegaeon Aegaeon "I too would appreciate something sweet."
Jin Jin "That's not dinner. Try again."
Jin Jin "It looks like I'm on dinner duty tonight. Does anyone have any requests?"
Hugo (TTGC) Hugo "Whatever we have the ingredients for."
Aegaeon Aegaeon "Anything you make would be a feast, I'm sure."
Jin Jin "Those might be the least helpful answers yet."
Addam Addam "According to the locals, the horrors come out at night here."
Mythra Mythra "Pff, you mean ghosts? It's fine! Just let me at 'em and watch 'em run."
Jin Jin "I too will let none oppose us, whether they hail from this world or the next."
Addam Addam "Actually I was talking about tough enemies. Sorry to disappoint."
Brighid Brighid "That was an excellent battle. I should record this in my journal."
Jin Jin "Indeed. I'm sure there will be profound insights to be found in the telling."
Mythra Mythra "For sure! Just make sure to note how great I did, okay? Thanks~"
Brighid Brighid "You truly are incorrigible, Mythra."
Jin Jin "Ha. That's that then."
Minoth Minoth "You two work well together. Jin! You better hold on to a driver like her."
Jin Jin "Yes. I don't need you to tell me that."
Minoth Minoth "Travel truly broadens the mind. You get to see a side of yourself you might never have met otherwise."
Jin Jin "A new side of oneself… You think some interesting thoughts, Minoth."
Minoth Minoth "Nothing can ever happen twice. In consequence, and so on."
Minoth Minoth "The leading edge of History is less like a sword, and more like a bullet."
Brighid Brighid "I don't think I can take that lying down. Can you, Jin?"
Jin Jin "Doesn't matter. In any age, it's the wielder's skill, and skill alone, that really counts."
Minoth Minoth "Jin, Aegaeon! Shouldn't you be happier about our victories?"
Jin Jin "Ha."
Aegaeon Aegaeon "Hm…"
Minoth Minoth "Oh boy."
Hugo (TTGC) Hugo "Jin, your fury is certainly something to behold."
Jin Jin "My fury? What are you trying to say, exactly?"
Hugo (TTGC) Hugo "I mean… I'm just glad I'm not your enemy."
Jin Jin "I'm not sure how to take it, coming from you."
Hugo (TTGC) Hugo "Are you unharmed, Jin?"
Jin Jin "Your concern would be better spent on Brighid. I would hate to give her any cause for sulking."
Brighid Brighid "Sulking?! I would do nothing of the sort. I merely ask that His Majesty express a touch more concern for his ETERNALY devoted servants."
Aegaeon Aegaeon "Your swordsmanship is an inspiration to me, Jin. 'tis a marvel to behold."
Jin Jin "I simply removed all that was surplus."
Aegaeon Aegaeon "Oh… I see that attitude extend to your words, too."

Condition: After departure from the Militia Garrison
Addam Addam "You're really something, you know that, Jin? We really must spar, sometime. In fact, I insist."
Minoth Minoth "Everybody hates a nag friend. Isn't that right, Jin?"
Jin Jin "I wouldn't say "hate", exactly."
Addam Addam "It doesn't have to be right now, obviously. But it has to happen."
Condition: After Minoth joins
Lora Lora "Ah, what a merry band of adventurers we are, eh Jin?"
Jin Jin "Indeed. Though I quite liked being just the two of us. Oh, no, it’s… nothing."
Lora Lora "Uh? Come again? You really should learn to stop mumbling."
Condition: After the attack on Auresco
Addam Addam "I'm quite envious of you, Lora. Getting to enjoy all of Jin's delicious cooking!"
Jin Jin "You mean… As compared to Mythra's?"
Brighid Brighid "I think you may have rubbed Jin up the wrong way with that one."
Addam Addam "Uh, sorry! I hadn't quite considered the implications of that comment."
Condition: ???
Jin Jin "Your movement is more accomplished than before, isn't it, Haze."
Haze Haze "Anyone could pick up a thing or two from watching you fight, Jin."
Jin Jin "I'm honoured, then."

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Jin appears as a Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that can be obtained on the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC Spirit Board.


  • Jin is a Blade using the ice element. This can be shown in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 with his use of ice-based attacks. Moreover when he joins the party during Chapter 8, Guldos can copy his element, where they become weak to the wind element, and when he becomes Enraged during his boss fights he becomes weak to the wind element. It is explicit in TTGC.
  • Jin is the only Blade whose Core Crystal is not located on his chest. It is instead located on his forehead.
  • Jin is the only party member in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, temporary or permanent, to not be a Driver. Jin is also the only temporary party member to temporarily rejoin the party.
  • For unknown reasons, Jin has voice clips for reviving or being revived by Tora, Mòrag, and Zeke, despite never being in the party at the same time as them. This trait is unique to him, as Vandham and Malos don't have any voice clips for Zeke and Mòrag, and Malos has no clips for Tora.
  • Jin shares his name with a prominent character from Xenosaga, who is also an ice-element swordsman with a younger female dependant.



Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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