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The Jukebox is a special feature in the Collection Mode exclusive to Xenoblade Chronicles 3D on the New Nintendo 3DS (along with the Model Viewer), whereby the player can play musical tracks from the game at their leisure. With headphones plugged into the New 3DS, one can listen to the game's music while having the system closed in sleep mode.

In the beginning, there are only a few tracks available, but as the player progresses through the story, more become available over the course of the game. Tracks are unlocked using tokens earned from the Music Raffle in Collection mode, and tokens can be earned in three ways: 3 for scanning the Shulk amiibo, 2 for every hit in StreetPass, and 1 for every 5 Play Coins exchanged. In addition, 10 tokens are awarded when viewing Collection mode for the first time, 100 tokens are awarded upon completing the game for the first time and 99 tokens for reaching level 99 for the first time. While 1 token gives the player a chance at earning a new track, 3 tokens are necessary to guarantee a new track.

The music is divided into three categories: Event Tracks (represented by a red gem upon reception), Field Tracks (represented by a green gem), and a Bonus Track (represented by a blue gem). There are 91 tracks in the game.

Event Tracks

Field Tracks

Bonus Track

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