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For the ship visited in other locations, see Junks.

Junks (battle) is an area in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is the stage used for the Sureny Telethia on the deck of Junks. It is only used for this battle, and cannot be visited in normal gameplay outside of the battle. The door to Junks' interior does not open.


Because this area is stored on the game disc in the same format as other areas like Bionis' Leg, it is possible to use a hack or cheat code to visit this area. Some players have misinterpreted this as evidence that it is a "beta" version of Junks which was dropped from the game. However, comparison shows that it is identical to the Junks seen during the Sereny Telethia battle, and there are no other Junks maps on the game disc, making it very likely that the game uses this version of Junks as a stage for that battle.

For instructions on reaching this area, see: Hacked Locations.


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