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Kasandra (Japanese: カサネ, Kasane) is a Rare Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. She can grant tremendous power to her Drivers, Rex, Nia, Zeke or Mòrag, and their allies. Kasandra uses the dark element, wields a Shield Hammer, and acts as a Tank in battle. She wears a strange mask behind her head depicting the face of a fox with red eyes. She puts on this mask during her specials, and it seems to be the source of an alter-ego. According to the Greedy Monster information, she was once the Blade of a "Famed Driver" until they were eaten alive, returning Kasandra to her Core Crystal inside the monster's stomach.

Kasandra was designed by しらび, Shirabii, an artist for Fate/Grand Order.


Kasandra is bonded from the Lucky Core Crystal, which is dropped by the level 39 Gluttonous Marrin.

To fight the Gluttonous Marrin, the Greedy Monster info must first be obtained, either by speaking to Razzlydazzly at Argentum's Goldmouth Exit Dock or by purchasing it from any Informant. This info becomes available after the party reaches Mor Ardain. After the info is received, Gluttonous Marrin has a chance of appearing when Rex salvages at the Salvage Point near Chansagh Wastes in Mor Ardain.

The odds of the Gluttonous Marrin appearing are affected by the same factors as other salvage enemies. To obtain Kasandra's Core Crystal, it is advisable to use Normal Cylinders, disengage any Blades with the Salvaging Mastery field skill, and to fail the challenge prompts when salvaging.


Kasandra comes across as a very cheery young Blade, though the mask on the back of her head radiates with a dark aura. Additionally, during some specials, the mask covers her face and upon coming off, Kasandra acts as if she had no idea what happened. Kasandra considers herself very lucky, making her very unaware of the misfortune she brings to people around her. However, others have noticed this and are very cautious around her.


Kasandra is a young woman with long black hair, pale skin, horizontal pointed ears, and large dark pink eyes. She wears a cursed fox mask on the back of her head, giving her the appearance of having large white fox ears when viewed from the front. She wears a white dress over a blue skirt, as well as gold and red dangle earrings. Her hands, arms, and legs are wrapped in bandages, with bolted gold rings attached near each pair of joints. Sharp black claws protrude from the bandages on her hands. Her feet, which are exposed, are clawed and outfitted with open footwear sporting a blue diamond shape on top. They are also notably of a very dark color. It can be noted that in Kasandra's official art, her feet are black and her feet's claws are gold, while in-game, it is instead the claws that are black and her feet are midnight blue. Glowing blue energy lines are present on her forehead, arms, and legs. Her core has a floral design.

Heart-to-Heart and Blade Quest

Kasandra during Our Daily Bread

Kasandra's Heart-to-Heart, "Forward-Looking Woman", takes place between Kasandra and her Driver at the Gotrock Oracle Ruins in the Cliffs of Morytha. Kasandra is looking for a beautiful sunset and finds it, although it almost immediately begins to rain heavily. Kasandra notes that bad weather seems to follow her, and her Driver suggests that her mask may be cursed. Kasandra laughs this off, and declares herself the luckiest Blade alive.

After unlocking level 3 of her Affinity Chart and sleeping at Coedwig Inn in Gormott Province Kasandra will initiate her Blade Quest, Our Daily Bread. Kasandra wakes craving Lucky Dawn Bread, which is only sold at dawn, and so the party go out to the bakery to get her some. However an accident at the bakery causes there to be no bread, with the bakery owner asking that the party go to visit Otto to get timber for repairs. The party finds that Otto is missing, having been kidnapped by Tirkin, and go to rescue him from Tirkin Turf. After defeating his captors and returning him to the woodyard, the party search for a missing Nopon merchant and find that he too has been attacked by Tirkin and his wares stolen. He is terrified of Kasandra, having met her and her bad luck before, which does not abate when a tree branch falls on him when she appears. When the party goes to fight the Tirkin a lightning strike destroys the enemies. Upon retrieving the goods, the Nopon begs them to leave him alone, and the bakery is repaired and sells Kasandra her bread.


Blade Specials

  • Lv. 1 - Sentimental Burst - Condense dark ether until it explodes.
  • Lv. 2 - Hidden Emotion - Hit the shield while in the air, and emit a large amount of healing.
  • Lv. 3 - Secret Desire - Enter unconscious state with the mask and draw out your true power.
  • Lv. 4 - Melancholic Break - Offer prayers to your shield, then release a large number of bandages.

Blade Arts

Battle Skills

  • Calamity - Slightly raises aggro every second and increases all attack aggro.
  • Fortune - Absorbs critical damage dealt as HP.
  • Stability - Increases damage dealt from the front.

Field Skills

  • Nopon Wisdom - Lv. 3
  • Agronomy - Lv. 3
  • One Lucky Gal - Lv. 3 (Skill unique to Kasandra)

Favorite Items

Affinity Chart

Type Name Skill Level Affinity Level Effect Prerequisite Count Flavor Text
Key Affinity Reward 1 1 Affinity Chart level 1 unlocked
2 2 Unlocks level 2 of the Affinity Chart Increase Trust 100 "Do you believe in fortune-telling? 'Cos I'm really, really good at it!"
3 3 Unlocks level 3 of the Affinity Chart Increase Trust 1,300 "Can I read your fortune too? I'm sure it'll turn out great!"
4 4 Unlocks level 4 of the Affinity Chart Increase Trust 3,800 "So I read your fortune and guess what? It's not looking bad at all!"
5 5 Unlocks level 5 of the Affinity Chart Increase Trust 9,800 "You have excellent luck! Good things are coming your way!"
Blade Special Sentimental Burst 1 1 Increases aggro drawn from specials by 60%
2 2 Increases aggro drawn from specials by 70% Defeat Bunnit enemies in Leftheria (Excludes unique monsters) 6 "Aww, they were so cute and fluffy! Um, I guess they're not so cute now, though..."
3 3 Increases aggro drawn from specials by 80% Defeat a Magnl Caterpile in Tantal 5 "Let me engulf you in darkness. This is the end..."
4 4 Increases aggro drawn from specials by 90% Defeat a Dirid Ansel at the Cliffs of Morytha 5 "No more messing up. This time it's personal!"
5 5 Increases aggro drawn from specials by 100% Defeat Vampire Bride Marion in Uraya "Not an easy fight, that Vampire Bride Marion... But I feel the stronger for it!"
Hidden Emotion 1 1 Increases damage dealt to enemies targeting user by 60%
2 2 Increases damage dealt to enemies targeting user by 70% Perform a Blade Combo 5 "Let me show you some of my new tricks next time!"
3 3 Increases damage dealt to enemies targeting user by 80% Perform a Driver Combo (It's enough to just be present) 7 "I'm improving too, see? I can pull my own weight!"
4 4 Increases damage dealt to enemies targeting user by 90% Use Hidden Emotion 9 "I guess all that training paid off!"
5 5 Increases damage dealt to enemies targeting user by 100% Perform a Blade Combo finisher 3 "That's karma for you!"
Secret Desire 1 1 Increase damage dealt by 100% when HP is 30% or less
2 2 Increase damage dealt by 110% when HP is 30% or less Use Secret Desire 5 "I hope you were watching my little show there! It's really worth it!"
3 3 Increase damage dealt by 120% when HP is 30% or less Defeat Bunnit enemies in Tantal (Excludes unique monsters) 6 "Noo, fluffykins, come back! We should at least take in the cuteness before we send them packing..."
4 4 Increase damage dealt by 130% when HP is 30% or less Defeat a Vashar Caterpile at Spirit Crucible Elpys 5 "I feel a lot stronger after beating that Vashar Caterpile... Huh? My shoulders feel strangely heavy..."
5 5 Increase damage dealt by 150% when HP is 30% or less Use Secret Desire 8 "I will cleanse all the evil, no matter how wicked!"
Battle Skill Calamity 1 1 Slightly raises aggro every second and increases all attack aggro by 10%
2 2 Slightly raises aggro every second and increases all attack aggro by 15% Use a Chain Attack 2 "Huh? Why's everyone staring at me like that? Was I doing really well or something?"
3 3 Slightly raises aggro every second and increases all attack aggro by 20% Use Kasandra's favorite pouch item from the Art category 2 "Hey, these bring me a ton of good luck! Huh? It just started cracking... Oh, I'm sure it'll be fine!"
4 4 Slightly raises aggro every second and increases all attack aggro by 25% Perform a Driver Combo (It's enough just to be present) 10 "I had a good feeling about that one, and I wasn't wrong! Nice work!"
5 5 Slightly raises aggro every second and increases all attack aggro by 30% Use a Chain Attack 5 "I just want to use my power to bring happiness to the world! ...Huh? Why are you looking at me like that?"
Fortune 1 1 Absorbs 10% of critical damage dealt as HP
2 2 Absorbs 15% of critical damage dealt as HP Raise Affinity in combat 2 "That's the power of Affinity!"
3 3 Absorbs 20% of critical damage dealt as HP Raise Affinity in combat 5 "We should keep working together! Hope you've got my back!"
4 4 Absorbs 25% of critical damage dealt as HP Speak to Kasandra at Corinne's to view the Heart-to-Heart "Forward-Looking Woman" at the Cliffs of Morytha "Aww, and the scenery was so pretty, too. Stupid clouds."
5 5 Absorbs 30% of critical damage dealt as HP Head to View of a Lost Time in the Land of Morytha "What a view... Ahh, this has really made my day."
Stability 1 1 Increases damage dealt from the front by 10% Perform a Blade Combo 2 "I got a new power! Three cheers!"
2 2 Increases damage dealt from the front by 20% Perform a Driver Combo (It's enough to just be present) 5 "Your attacks are really impressive, you know! I can learn from this!"
3 3 Increases damage dealt from the front by 30% Deal a certain amount of total damage 16,000 "Let's keep it up, yeah?"
4 4 Increases damage dealt from the front by 40% Perform a Blade Combo 10 "I'm just glad that I can help out!"
5 5 Increases damage dealt from the front by 50% Deal a certain amount of total damage 48,000 "We've really been coming along, huh? Here's to happiness and good fortune!"
Field Skill Nopon Wisdom 1 1 Knowledge related to Nopon. Decode writing, speak Nopon, etc.
2 3 Use Kasandra's favorite pouch items (Staple Foods category). 4 "Mmm, tasty food always cheers me up. In fact, I'm feeling really energized!"
3 4 Speak to a Nopon. 40 "Now we can be friends with that Nopon!"
Agronomy 1 1 Knowledge related to vegetables.
2 3 Acquire Vegetable items from the Collectibles list. 25 "I'm not so familiar with vegetables... Maybe I'll do a divination?"
3 5 Acquire Vegetable items from the Collectibles list. 30 "Phew, I'm exhausted after all that studying. I really hope this comes in useful..."
One Lucky Gal 1 1 Chase luck, but find only misfortune. Curse exclusive to Kasandra.
2 2 Get hit by a critical attack. 5 "I can take anything you throw at me!"
3 3 Go to Coedwig Inn in Gormott and complete the quest Our Daily Bread. "Just wait, I'm gonna bring all the luck I can muster!"


  • If the Greedy Monster info is obtained from Razzlydazzly, he tells the party about an "amazing" Nopon Driver and Legendary Salvager named Noporikh who was swallowed by the Gluttonous Marrin. Although not explicitly stated, it is implied that Noporikh was Kasandra's previous Driver.
  • The Japanese name, Kasane, is related to the Japanese term "kasane gasane no fukou" (Japanese: 重ね重ねの不幸), translating as "run of misfortune" (i.e. a series of successive unfortunate happenings).
  • Kasandra's English name likely refers to the princess of Troy of the same name from Greek mythology (Greek: Κασσάνδρα), who foresaw the fall of Troy but whom nobody believed, or the usage of said person in metaphor.


Post-Battle Dialogue

Main Cast
Kasandra Kasandra "I'm so glad there weren't any casualties! I had such a bad premonition about this battle."
Rex Rex "Nevermind premonitions and the like. We need to believe in ourselves, that's all."
Kasandra Kasandra "Oh, failed again! Nevermind, there's no time to feel sorry for myself."
Pyra Pyra "If you go on with your chin up, good luck will follow you."
Kasandra Kasandra "My shoulders feel weirdly heavy after fighting."
Dromarch Dromarch "There seems to be something dark weighing on your... Oh! Heh, it was a t-trick of the light..."

Chapter 5 spoilers:

Zeke Zeke "I feel a certain kind of kinship towards you, Kasandra."
Kasandra Kasandra "Um, really? But my luck is rather on the good side!"

Rare Blades

Agate Agate "Glad we got to work together, Kasandra."
Kasandra Kasandra "Reading that pulpy novel together sure paid off, huh?"
Azami Azami "You're a nasty piece of work, Kasandra, you know that? We're quite alike in that, you just stand out more."
Kasandra Kasandra "Uh, okay, shall we switch then? Oh, but I'm not sure I could hit anything with an Ether Cannon."
Azami Azami "I see. Yes, you do seem quite clumsy. Let's stick to the current plan."
Kasandra Kasandra "Your cape is so lovely, Dagas! Can I touch it?"
Dagas Dagas "Hey, careful! I don't need your cooties!"
Kasandra Kasandra "Do you think you'll ever learn my name, Finch?"
Finch Finch "Of course I remember! You're... Give me a second... I think I'm getting amnesia."
Kasandra Kasandra "Hey Floren, I checked your horoscope just earlier, and it's looking good!"
Floren Floren "Huh? Oh, huh... I see. Um, well the fight's over, but luck can strike at any time, so I... better be careful."

Kasandra Kasandra "Kora, we should go back to that store in Gormott sometime!"
Kora Kora "Um, last time I went with you, I slipped on the floor, and they had to close for repairs."
Kasandra Kasandra "Phew! Good work all around, KOS-MOS. Ah! There's something in your aura! Right, uh, here!"
KOS-MOS KOS-MOS "I do not detect any abnormalities. Perhaps you are tired."
Kasandra Kasandra "Nim, I love Kit and Sunny! Do they like being petted?"
Nim Nim "Ah, they love it! Normally. Kit, Sunny, come on now, don't be shy..."

Kasandra Kasandra "Perceval, your aura is very disturbed. Make sure to watch your step!"
Perceval Perceval "Indeed, I shall be mindful."
Sheba Sheba "Kasandra, when we next rest, we would like you to read us our fortunes in finance and love."
Kasandra Kasandra "I can tell your fortune right now. Hmm, yup, looking great on both counts! Also, your lucky item is... Sickle Crickets!"
Sheba Sheba "Hmm, fraudulent claims, we suspect. The road to all such success is long and hard."
Theory Theory "Kasandra, your mask is... adorable!"
Kasandra Kasandra "That's right! It's real charming, thanks for noticing. You sure have good eyes."
Kasandra Kasandra "You're not hurt, are you Vale? The way you fight is so... haphazard."
Vale Vale "I'll fight however I want, thank you! But I didn't mean to worry you."