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Key Items are items in Xenoblade Chronicles, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country.

Xenoblade Chronicles

Key Item

The icon for Key Items in Xenoblade Chronicles

Key Items are used specifically for quests. Many of them can be collected regardless of whether the quest has been received or not. They appear as small glowing red balls, similar to Collectables aside from the colour. If a quest to find a Key Item has been accepted, its location will be marked on the mini-map by a red exclamation mark. Key Items cannot be sold, and have their own section in the inventory.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2


The icon for Key Items in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Key Items are usually required or rewarded during quests.

Some key items can be used once for various effects while others, like Store Deeds have a passive effect upon being obtained.

Torna ~ The Golden Country


A Leggin Parisax with the Leaden Slate Piece

Key Items are usually required or rewarded during quests.

Slate Pieces

Slate Pieces are sixteen key items in total, which must be collected from all five regions in the Kingdom of Torna in order to unlock the Cavern of the Seal and thus access the Tasteless Altar and the Nopon Halfsage.

Name Location
Indigo Slate Piece Porton Village
Dawning Slate Piece Mernes Falls
Crimson Slate Piece Feltley Village
Rusty Slate Piece Yanchik Harbor
Purple Slate Piece Aletta: Militia Garrison
Chestnut Slate Piece Tirkin Cliff Colony
Cinnabar Slate Piece Cavern of the Seal
Scarlet Slate Piece Millennium Grotto
Navy-Blue Slate Piece Hyber Village (abandoned house)
Inky Slate Piece West of Zirnitra, Dark Zone #3
Cherry Slate Piece Verdant Fairylands
Peach Slate Piece Loftin Nature Preserve
Dark-Gray Slate Piece Sachsum Gardens
Leaden Slate Piece Pantarhei Tower
Moss-Green Slate Piece Outside Auresco, Rear Gate
Hollyhock Slate Piece Lett Bridge
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