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Kidnapped: Uzoma Vassago is a Normal Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be received from Sevvy Belgazus in the Starboard side of the Ma-non Ship in New Los Angeles.


  1. "Search for Uzoma Vassago in Mesa Fortress."
  2. "Approach and rescue Uzoma Vassago."

A route (By not having any Kepha Holly or choosing "Watch")

  1. Achieve all objectives

B route (Have a Kepha Holly and choose "Intervene")

  1. "Defeat Vanguard Glennar in Oblivia's Mesa Fortress."
  2. "Talk to Uzoma Vassago in Oblivia's Mesa Fortress."


A route (Watch): "Uzoma Vassago refused to yield to the Cavern Clan, but perished to the hands of an indigen."
B route (Intervene): "You successfully rescued the kidnapped Uzoma Vassago."

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