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This page lists all the quests available in the Kingdom of Uraya.

Terms and abbreviations are explained in the legend at the bottom of the page.

Quest Name Giver Place Prerequisites Rewards
Precious Yearnings Agate Fonsa Myma AgatePyraNiaToraMòrag, and Zeke in the party 200 Trust
5,660 G
6,380 EXP
261 SP
Agate (key item)
Specials Lv 2 Plus IV
Movement Heal V
Flames of Justice Godfrey Fonsa Myma Godfrey's level 4 Key Affinity unlocked
Godfrey's level 3 "Justice Blizzard" field skill
200 Trust
3,800 G
4,640 EXP
240 SP
Ice Def Up III
Blowdown Resist III
Berserk Ring
Blade-Sharp Memory Theory Royal Guard Barracks Chapter 7 started
Crystal Clear completed
Praxis's level 4 Key Affinity unlocked
200 Trust
5,660 G
6,060 EXP
259 SP
Polygon Chip
Blade Combo Boost III
Theory's Core Crystal
Theory and Praxis Praxis and Theory Fonsa Myma Rough Diamond Heart-to-Heart viewed
Theory, PraxisPyraNiaToraMòrag, and Zeke in the party
200 Trust
6,030 G
5,250 EXP
224 SP
Recovery Symbol
Specials Lv 4 Plus III
Swift Evasion III
Critical Up III
Family vs. Fiends Maryn and Terry Fonsa Myma Theory and Praxis accepted 1,140 EXP
171 SP
Jeline and Shaun Jeline Fonsa Myma Theory and Praxis accepted 1,250 EXP
153 SP
Boys and Bullies Jammie Fonsa Myma Theory and Praxis accepted 1,020 EXP
189 SP
True Colors Dobran Commercial District 300 Dev Points
150 Trust
800 EXP
90 SP
Harvest Necklace
Would-Be Mercs Geross Plaza of Reprieve 300 Dev Points
150 Trust
1,370 G
1,120 EXP
105 SP
Reflect Damage Up I
Ambush Boost I
Mysterious Note World item Acid Gullet 300 Dev Points
150 Trust
1,060 EXP
107 SP
Activity Amulet
Gotta Start Somewhere! Ragi Farlaine Central Pools 500 Dev Points
200 Trust
1,890 G
2,560 EXP
210 SP
Amethyst Chip
Endurance I
Vandham's Last Wish Yew Kingdom of Uraya (Mymoma Playhouse) Chapter 4 started 290 EXP
The Titan Scholar Pilolo Fonsa Myma Port Received Vandham's Last Wish 700 Dev Points
250 Trust
2,360 G
2,160 EXP
153 SP
Electric Def Up II
Break Resist II
Sniff out the Spy Raloo Waypoint Market Chapter 5 started 500 Dev Points
200 Trust
2,830 G
2,420 EXP
149 SP
Military Medal
Aggro Attack Up II
Difficult Decisions Jelved Garfont Town Gate Chapter 8 started
Would-Be Mercs completed
700 Dev Points
250 Trust
5,050 G
225 SP
EXP and other rewards vary on route taken
All's Fair Azami Fonsa Myma Port Azami's level 2 Key Affinity unlocked
RexNiaToraPyra, and Mòrag in party
200 Trust
3,330 G
3,120 EXP
185 SP
Smash Resist II
Spike Defense II
Telepathy II
A Secret Cure Iona Mymoma Playhouse Chapter 10 completed
The Titan Scholar completed
700 Dev Points
250 Trust
4,670 G
7,390 EXP
263 SP
Affinity MAX Atk V
Ultimate Shield
Spiral Chip (x3)
A Helping Hand Julion Commercial District Chapter 10 completed 300 Dev Points
200 Trust
5,190 G
3,350 EXP
126 SP
Specials Lv 1 Plus V
Follow Your Passion Alban Fonsa Myma Port Sweet Strategy Heart-to-Heart viewed
Gorg's level 3 Key Affinity unlocked
200 Trust
5,280 G
4,850 EXP
207 SP
Cube Chip
Arms Attachment
Dark Def Up IV
Unspoken Suspicion Floren Gwenith Paddies Silver Pendant obtained
NiaToraMòragMythra, and Floren in the party
Nature Boy Floren Gwenith Paddies Unspoken Suspicion completed 200 Trust
6,060 G
6,160 EXP
252 SP
Specials Lv 4 Plus IV
Arts Heal IV
Rebirth Amulet
Dagas's Past: Folktales Dagas Fonsa Myma Lost Kingdom accepted
Lingering Resentment T-elos Olethro Ruins Chapter 10 completed
Install Patch (Ver.1.4.0) or higher
T-elos and Mythra in the party
200 Trust
9,340 G
10,560 EXP
375 SP
Preon Chip (x3)
Fast Blade Switch V
A Smith's Pastime (DLC) Chulev Garfont Village Unlock key item collected 200 Dev Points
200 Trust
2,470 G
2,240 EXP
210 SP
Magnet Chip (x3)
Assault Stone
Fusion Combo Up II (x2)
Arts Stealth II (x2)
Sunken Boosters (DLC) Borella Gwendle Repair Dock Unlock key item collected 200 Dev Points
200 Trust
3,840 EXP
315 SP
Magnet Chip (x2)
Soldier Ring
Indoor Attack Up II (x2)
HP Attack Boost II (x2)
M.I.A. Nopon (DLC) Konakona Drillbore Bridge Chapter 3 started
Unlock key item collected
200 Dev Points
200 Trust
2,740 G
2,240 EXP
210 SP
White Belt
Spike Defense II (x3)
Affinity MAX Barrier II
Moon Cube (x2)
A Hat Fit for a Lady (DLC) Beemer Fonsa Myma Port Chapter 6 started
Unlock key item collected
200 Dev Points
400 Trust
128,000 G
3,600 EXP
214 SP
Lhagen's Hat Pattern
Ureilite Chip (x3)
Jade Vest
Damage Heal III (x2)
Another reward can be obtaied given the route
The Trendy Patissier (DLC) Jennifora Commercial District Chapter 8 started
Follow Your Passion completed
Gorg and Boreas in party
Unlock key item collected
300 Dev Points
200 Trust
7,200 EXP
428 SP
Brachinite Chip (x4)
Berserk Ring
Dark Def Up III (x2)
Blowdown Resist III (x2)
A Mercenary's Honor (DLC) Matteo Royal Guard Barracks Chapter 10 completed
Beneath the Aurora completed
Unlock key item collected
500 Dev Points
400 Trust
8,650 G
9,560 EXP
360 SP
Horn Chip (x2)
Jet Pauldrons
Critical Up V (x2)
Outdoor Attck Up V (x2)
The Supply Situation Yew Garfont Village Maxed Merc Points (Level 1) 200 Trust
G, EXP, & SP vary on route taken
A Test of Strength Yew Garfont Village Maxed Merc Points (Level 2) 200 Trust
4,279 G
4,310 EXP
210 SP
Leadership Qualities Yew Garfont Village Maxed Merc Points (Level 3) 200 Trust
5,490 G
5,540 EXP
270 SP
Marvelous Mercenaries Yew Mercenary HQ 20,000 Merc Points 200 Trust
6,100 G
6,160 EXP
300 SP
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