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Kino (Japanese: キノ) is a playable character in Future Connected, the epilogue extension of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. A Nopon, he is Riki and Oka's adopted son and, by extension, Nene's adopted brother.


Kino is very shy but aims to become a hero to honour his father by helping people in need and making friends. He is fairly responsible for a Nopon child and has a strong moral compass. He likes to take on the supporting role for Shulk during battles.


Kino is a very young Nopon with a green fur with neon yellow highlight and brown eyes. He wields a gun-like weapon that launches Ether attacks. He wears a purple and blue sleeveless jacket with a silver brooch-like ring and a lavender, purple, light blue, and yellow flag attached to it. He also has three pale orange markings on his stomach.


Kino, while out in Colony 9, stows away with his sister Nene on the Junks when Shulk and Melia leave for Alcamoth. The two are discovered after the Junks is shot out of the sky. Kino apologises to Shulk for the trouble, saying he only wanted to help the two and become the next Heropon like his father. He continues to help Shulk and Melia on their journey to defeat the Fog King.

In battle

Kino has the same Arts as Sharla thus acts mainly as a healer.


  • Doze Off.png Doze Off [Talent Art] [Aura] (releases the built-up heat from using other arts, emptying the talent gauge)
  • Support Art Icon 1.png Healy Bullet (restores some HP to a single party member)
  • Thunder Bullet Icon.png Crackle Bullet (two-hit combo, increased critical chance against flying enemies)
  • Shield Bullet Icon.png Shield Kaclang (absorbs a set amount of damage)
  • Cure Bullet Icon.png Cure Thingamie (removes debuffs from a single target and grants temporary debuff immunity)
  • Tranquiliser Icon.png Tranquilsnooze (puts an enemy to sleep)
  • Heal Blast Icon.png Heal Kaboom (restores a large amount of HP to a single party member)
  • Metal Blast Icon.png 'Ittle Blast (causes Break in a straight line, increased critical against flying enemies)
  • Heal Round Icon.png Heal Round-a-Round (restores a medium amount of HP to all party members)
  • Heat Bullet Icon.png Toasty-Hot Bullet (increases tension of party members in a circle around the target)
  • Covert Stance Icon.png Yoghurt Stance [Aura] (decreases aggro permanently and nullifies aggro gain for the duration)
  • Shield Bash Icon.png Egg Shaker (dazes a Toppled enemy)
  • Aura Bullet Icon.png Aurorora Bullet (extends the duration of auras)
  • Heal Counter Icon.png Healy Counter (restores HP to the targeted party member each time he/she gets attacked)
  • Head Shot Icon.png Noggin Shot (guaranteed crit, may inflict Instant Death on a dazed enemy)
  • Cure Round Icon.png Curedy-Pure Round (clears the entire party of debuffs and grants temporary debuff immunity)
  • Berserker Icon.png B-B-B-Boost [Aura] (reduces cooldown of all arts except B-B-B-Boost, no auto-attack or movement)