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For the status effect in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, see Knockback (XC2).
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Knockback is a mobility debuff in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Knockback causes those inflicted with it to be pushed away from the source. It will interrupt the casting of Battle Arts. Some Battle Arts will inflict Knockback as a side-effect.



Enemies (by Art name)

Advanced Megacannon

Almandal Break

Blade Tackle

Charging Attack

Drop Kick

Flame Tornado

Gatling Bomber

Horse Kick

Human Warhead

Hyper Rail Cannon

Lava Toss

Lethal Tail

Massive Swing

Mega Graviton (Skell only)

Neck Swing

Piercing Claw

Rock Toss


Sky Charge

Sky Sunder

Spin Kick

Super Tornado Thingy

Tail Swing

Water Smash

Wood Horn

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