Kustal Sovereigns are enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They are Kustal-type members of the Sovereign family. Though they can be found at level 56 - 60 throughout the World Tree, one can be easily found from the Mizar, Elevator #5 landmark, climbing down the stairs.. Five of them must be defeated to unlock Dromarch's level 3 "Water Mastery", Theory's level 3 "Ice Mastery", and Ursula's level 5 "Beary-Go-Round" Field Skills.

Five of them must be defeated to unlock Nia's level 5 "Merciful Heart" Field Skill.


Art Type Hits Range Reaction Effect
Front Sensor Defensive - Frontal Cone Taunt -
Topspin Physical 8 Ahead Knockback -
Laser Round Ether - Fire 3 Circle - Only uses when Enraged