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L's Conundrum is an Affinity Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be received at the eastern end of Armory Alley in the Administrative District of New Los Angeles.


  1. Achieve all objectives
  2. "Head to L's shop in the administrative district."


"L was able to make a highly innovative new product. Hopefully the customers like it…"


The product choices will determine the affinity link towards L by talking to the characters once the mission is complete:

  • L and Thomas
    • Ball of Honeysmoke: He says this product makes his team surrounded by indigens, and the was the only one to escape safe and sound. Affinity Link: "Pay for medical bills!"
    • Electric Hammock: He says this product solves his back problems. Affinity Link: "True genius!"
    • High-Temperature Pot: He says this product solved his Skell fuel problems, he installed the pot in his mech and now has a "self-powered thermoelectric Skell". And now his succeed rate is way up, and he's doing twice as many jobs as he did before. Affinity Link: "True genius!"
  • L and Nelly
    • High-Temperature Pot: She says this product was so hot, she ask her friend to use a Skell get rid of it, ending with some damages on her wall. Affinity Link: "Pay for the wall repairs!"
    • Electric Hammock: She says this product helps her capture lots of fish and make big sales to xenos, and because of that, she ditched her "low-income hangail of a boyfriend". Affinty Link: "Thanks"
    • Ball of Honeysmoke: She says this product make her boyfriend likes her cooking, even propose to her. Affinity Link: "Thanks"
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