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LV757: Lyvia is an NPC in Xenoblade Chronicles X. She is a Definian and appears in Oblivia, where the party battles her.


If the player spared Fortun after her interrogation during Definian Downfall, LV757: Lyvia will infiltrate New Los Angeles to retrieve her in the mission Fortun and Glory.

After taking to Fortun to Oblivia, she returns to New LA under the guise of Avi to buy weapons from Grenada Galactic Group in a attempt to arm her own army. However, the player (being asked by Erio to recover Fortun) deduces her identity and she decides to escape.

She is eventually surrounded by the player in the cave where she hid Fortun and is defeated. Feeling that arming her own army was not worth the trouble, she gives up Fortun and decides to live on New LA as Avi.

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LV757: Lyvia is a Mission Exclusive Secondary Boss and she is fought at level 39 in Oblivia's Rooney Cavern during the Normal Mission Fortun and Glory.


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