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La Luz Church (Japanese: ラ・ルース協会, Ra Rūsu kyōkai) is a landmark in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is of High Entia origin within the lower section of Valak Mountain. The entrance is up on the ledge south of the Sealed Tower, and can only be accessed from a cave under the church, by climbing up from it. The cave entrance is southeast of the church entrance on the ledge, in the lighter-shaded area of the map.

The War God statue

La Luz Church is initially closed off to outsiders, requiring the High Entia Emblem to open its doors. Within it, there is a long descending corridor leading to a plateau with a strange statue. Said statue is the original War God Statue, of which copies were made and placed on Alcamoth and Satorl Marsh.

On the ledge where the statue is located there is also a Heart-to-Heart - "First Sight of Snow", between Fiora and Reyn.


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