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The Lailah Skell

Lailah is a Medium Type based Skell unit in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Lailah is one of the Skells used by BLADE in New Los Angeles. The Lailah vehicle is a custom Medium vehicle, a sort of futuristic armed machine.


Lailah is a custom Medium Frame based Skell model. Despite a higher weight compared to the Light Frame models, its light design provided a high mobility along with higher power output, though at the cost of durability.

Lailah vehicle

The Lailah Vehicle

The level 30 Lailah frame costs 313,000 Credits and the level 50 frame costs 2,508,000 Credits. There is also a level 60 frame, the Lailah Queen, which can be crafted post-story.

Its standard equipment is the shoulder-mounted "F-Rifle", specially developed alongside this model.

Lailah is equipped with the NAGI gear.


Unlike other Skells (except for Inferno), its GP capacity goes up to 6000 GP by default, allowing it to use Overdrive more often.

Along with zero fuel use, Overdrive: NAGI grants:

  • Timed Regen
  • Appendage Regen
  • Less Damage Taken
  • Debuff Immunity


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