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Lake Ciel (Japanese: シエル湖, Shieru Mizūmi) is an area in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is located in Sylvalum, north of the Needle Rock Sandsea. It is surrounded by four sandseas, each named for its relative location to the lake (East Ciel Sandsea, West Ciel Sandsea, South Ciel Sandsea, and North Ciel Sandsea). FN Site 408 and FN Site 411 are located here. A long sandbar running north to south splits the lake in two.

In terms of overall surface area, the combined eastern and western branches of Lake Ciel are the largest lake on the surface of Mira. However, the lake as a whole is also extremely shallow, and can indeed be walked or run across from end to end without needing to swim.

Among the lake's inhabitants, the most prominent are the massive Coronids who stride across its waters, as well as Cervuses. Sacrifoles are often found floating above, usually around packs of Tersquals congregating near the shores. Visigels and Papils can also be found floating overhead in smaller numbers. Purgovents rise from the lakebed at night. A Filiavent resides in the western branch.

Upon completing Chapter 10, the wreckage of the Zu Pharg permanently resides in the center of the lake, lying across the sandbar.


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