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Leaving the Nest is a Normal Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be received from De Ezich at the Wrothian Stronghold in Oblivia at night. He can be found in the northeast corner, on the far side of the pool.


  1. "Head to the duel location in Sylvalum's Cauldros Threshold."
  2. "Defeat Sazon Caladar."
  3. "Defeat Soghu Caladar."
  4. "Talk to De Ezich at Sylvalum's Cauldros Threshold."

A Route: Approve: Let De Ezich go.

  1. "Talk to De Ezich at the diner in the industrial district."

B Route: Scold: Lecture De Ezich for his disrespectful attitude.

  1. "Defeat De Ezich."


A Route: "After gaining his freedom, De Ezich relocated to New LA."
B Route: "De Ezich decided to straighten himself out under the stern eye of his parents."

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