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This page lists all the quests available in the Leftherian Archipelago.

Terms and abbreviations are explained in the legend at the bottom of the page.

Quest Name Giver Place Prerequisites Rewards
Fool's Gold Sheba Little Garden of Tradition Sheba's Lv. 5 Key Affinity 200 Trust
7,240 EXP
330 SP
Water Def Up IV
Aggro Attack Up III
Knockback Resist III
Time is Money Corinne Corinne's House 90,000 G sent to Corinne 400 Dev Points
200 Trust
5,900 G
2,750 EXP
169 SP
Stolen Keepsake Dragand Village Guardian 200 Dev Points
100 Trust
1,280 G
1,440 EXP
86 SP
A Phonex Tale Nim Fonsett Village Nim's Lv. 3 Key Affinity
Nim's Lv. 1 "Phonex Linguistics" Field Skill
200 Trust
5,220 EXP
270 SP
Titan Hunter III
Arts Stealth III
Wind Def Up III
School is in Session Willas Fonsett Island Dev Level 2 800 Dev Points
250 Trust
Other rewards vary on route taken
History Teacher Willas Fonsett Island School is in Session accepted
Language Teacher Willas Fonsett Island School is in Session accepted
Science Teacher Willas Fonsett Island School is in Session accepted
At Wit's End Sokoko Merto Island 300 Dev Points
150 Trust
2,120 G
1,650 EXP
101 SP
Endurance II
Maiden Voyage Olua Rigitte Waters 300 Dev Points
150 Trust
1,650 G
1,980 EXP
122 SP
Aggro Boost II
Bright Spark (DLC) Fonsett Residential Area Lettina Crossette in party 10,300 G
11,220 EXP
459 SP
Fluorite Chip (x3)
Tyrant Ring
Fusion Combo Up V
Beneath the Aurora (DLC) Len Rigitte Harbor Chapter 6 started
Unlock item collected
300 Dev Points
500 Trust
6,100 G
6,160 EXP
300 SP
Polygon Chip (x3)
Star Cube
Shackle Blade Resist III (x2)
Affinity MAX Barrier III (x2)
Cleared of All Charges (DLC) Strath Fonsett Island Chapter 5 started
Unlock item collected
PerunGodfrey, and Perceval in the party
200 Dev Points
400 Trust
4,720 G
4,400 EXP
270 SP
Motor Chip (x3)
Modern Medal
Damage Heal III (x2)
Arts Heal III (x2)
Merclibay's Mightiest (DLC) Caephon Rigitte Harbor Chapter 10 completed
ElectraZenobia, and Herald in party
500 Dev Points
500 Trust
18,680 G
21,120 EXP
750 SP
Winonaite Chip (x2)
World Tree Drop
Physical Defense Up V (x2)
Ether Defense Up V (x2)
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