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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Legendary Core Crystals are Core Crystal in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They can awake a Common or a Rare Blade, and have a better chance of awakening Rare Blades than Common Core Crystals or Rare Core Crystals. They can be obtained from defeating high leveled Enemies, and more commonly drop after inflicting Smash, in particular Unique Monsters such as Relentless Arduran.

Superbosses all have a drop rate of 10%, higher than all other monsters. All enemies that drop Legendary Core Crystals also drop Rare Core Crystals, and all except Amalthus and the Superbosses drop Common Core Crystals.

In New Game Plus, they can also be obtained from a Traveling Bard in Fonsa Myma, Uraya by trading 200,000 Bonus EXP.

Dropped By

Notes: This table is ordered highest to lowest by enemy level after drop rate.

Amalthus is a Story-exclusive enemy and may only be fought once. Joobs Krabbles (level 52-56) are Salvaging enemies.

Enemy Area Rate
Amalthus World Tree 100.0 %
Tyrannotitan Kurodil Temperantia 10.0 %
Chickenheart Dagmara Mor Ardain 10.0 %
Cloud Sea King Ken Tantal 10.0 %
Mk. VII Arek World Tree 10.0 %
Pernicious Benf Temperantia 10.0 %
Reeking Douglas Gormott 10.0 %
Gladiator Orion Cliffs of Morytha 10.0 %
Relentless Arduran Gormott 10.0 %
Joobs Krabble World Tree 5.0 %
Antecedent Xiaxia Mor Ardain 3.9 %
Beast-Hunter William Uraya 3.9 %
Unflinching Saxon Mor Ardain 3.9 %
Leonine Sadie Temperantia 3.9 %
Grievous Clive Temperantia 3.9 %
Immovable Gonzalez Gormott 3.9 %
Armored Brennan Mor Ardain 3.9 %
Territorial Rotbart Gormott 3.9 %
Demon King Gilbert Uraya 3.9 %
Soothsayer Gerald Uraya 3.9 %
Insectivore Malcolm Gormott 3.9 %
Haywire Phoebus World Tree 3.9 %
Mk. VI Gerolf World Tree 3.9 %
Praetorian Medea World Tree 3.9 %
Vampire Bride Marion Uraya 3.9 %
Praetorian Argus World Tree 3.9 %
Mk. VI Margot World Tree 3.9 %
Mk. VI Familion World Tree 3.9 %
Ravenwing Skull Temperantia 3.9 %
Vagrant Baldr Mor Ardain 3.9 %
Haywire Kustal World Tree 3.9 %
Impassable Edgar Tantal 3.9 %
Atrocious Hermes Temperantia 3.9 %
Crimson Derrick Cliffs of Morytha 3.9 %
Haywire Radclyffe World Tree 3.9 %
Parasite Aplacus Land of Morytha 3.9 %
Malicious Dimitri Land of Morytha 3.9 %
Incandescent Marcus Tantal 3.9 %
Soul-Eater Stanley Land of Morytha 3.9 %
Runaway Train Bool Temperantia 3.9 %
Evileye Mambor Cliffs of Morytha 3.9 %