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Wood Fonterra

A Lepyx

Lepyxes (Japanese: フォンテラ, Fontera) are large, four-legged creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X.


"Once marine creatures resembling sea slugs, these distant cousins of the xiphias left their ancestral home for land, becoming much larger in the process."

"Lepyxes lay their eggs in great numbers, then simply entrust them to the ocean. Surviving hatchlings feed on poisonous seaweed, stockpiling the toxins inside their bodies to prevent predation--though as they mature, the potency of this poison gradually weakens. Once all four limbs have grown, the young assume their place with an adult colony on land. This exciting new phase is not without its setbacks, however, as the soft, fleshy composition of adult lepyxes makes them an ideal snack for many a hungry predator."

Color Variants

Lepyxes fall into two color variants:

  • Sun Lepyxes have a dark brown back and shoulder horns, while the head and upper legs are yellow-brown. The shoulder horns have rounded ends. They can drop Lepyx Sunstones.
  • Moon Lepyxes have a dark reddish-black back, while the head and upper legs are pale green. The shoulder horns have sharp jagged tips and are colored black fading to white at the tips. They can drop Lepyx Moonstones.

List of Lepyx

Name Variant Type Location Time Weather Level
Alba Lepyx Sun Normal Oblivia Anytime All 11 - 20
Giraffin, the Old Hand Moon Tyrant Sylvalum Anytime All 41
Highland Lepyx Sun Normal Primordia Anytime All 41 – 50
Nomad Lepyx Moon Normal Sylvalum Anytime All 31 - 40
Pollen Lepyx Moon Normal Sylvalum Anytime All 21 – 30
Prairie Lepyx Sun Normal Primordia Anytime All 11 - 20
Sirene, the Lost Sun Tyrant Primordia Anytime All 13
Wood Lepyx Sun Normal Primordia Anytime All 1 - 10


  • "Lepyx" may be derived from lepus marinus, the Latin name for the sea hare, a type of sea slug.
  • The Japanese name Fonterra may be derived from the Latin term "fons de terra", meaning "spring from the land".


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