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For the material in Xenoblade Chronicles X, see Libertas Glyph (XCX).

The Libertas Glyph is a glyph dropped by Unique Monsters between levels 1 and 9. It is the least valuable of the glyphs. Curiously, it can be obtained from the non-unique Pawn Piranhax in Colony 9 that assist Lake Magdalena, but only by using Yoink!. According to their description, the truth of liberty is inscribed on them and like every glyph, they sell for a high price on the market.


Enemy drops

Enemy Area Rate
Wallslide Gwynry Tephra Cave 33 %
Mining Patrichev Tephra Cave 31 %
Evil Rhangrot Colony 9 27 %
Itinerant Dorothea Colony 9 27 %
Lake Magdalena Colony 9 27 %
Verdant Bluchal Colony 9 25 %
Pawn Piranhax Colony 9 0 %