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Light Wear is a type of Armor in Xenoblade Chronicles X. This class of armor has slightly more defense than Casual Wear, a little less resistances than Casual Wear, and usually contain some abilities.

Light Wear names

AM Head Torso Arms L/R Legs
Sakuraba Industries Visor Vest Guard Boots
Grenada Galactic Group Veyes Norak Tecta Brogs
Candid & Credible Screen Breaker Ward Trudgers
Meredith & Co. Vizard Vestis Armilla Ocreis
Orphean Technologies Yii Yimsel Yiys Yiym
Six Stars Mask Light tier Plate Bracer Sabatons

Light Wear Drops by Enemy

AM Enemy
Sakuraba Industries Ictus, Insidia, Pawn Pugilith, Sacrifole※2, Saltat※2
Grenada Galactic Group Cervus, Ovis※1, Scirpo, Suid※1
Candid & Credible Lophid
Meredith & Co. Caro, Gerrid, Ovis
Orphean Technologies Millesaur, Sacrifole
Six Stars Coronid, Saltat

※1 Only dropped by enemies under level 16
※2 Only dropped by enemies under level 26

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