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Little Suids are enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are members of the Suid family. They are smaller than Brass Suids and Brass Femina Suids. They can be found at level 1-50 throughout Primordia, typically in the presence of adult suids. Five must be defeated to complete one route of City Saviors. They can drop the Suid Fillet needed for Suid Sirloin.



Part Item Type Rarity
Body Marbled Suid Fillet Material Common
Body Suid Fillet Material Common
Posterior Appetizing Suid Tail Material Common
Head Muscled Suid Bulge Material Common
Body Succulent Meat Material Common
Body Fleecy Fur Material Common
Body Advanced Iron Riv Weapon Rare
 ? Busted Armwear R Armor  ?
 ? Busted Bodywear Armor  ?
 ? Worn Combat Brogs Armor  ?
Body Worn Survival Soales Armor Unique


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