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For the status, see Lock-On (status).

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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Lock-On is one of Fiora's auras in Xenoblade Chronicles. It can inflict Lock-On between an enemy and Fiora, preventing either of them from changing targets. While the Lock-On status is active, Fiora's Critical Hit rate is increased by 50% and her Talent Gauge will be filled by 5% each time she is hit by the locked-on enemy.


Art Level AP Cost Cooldown Effect Duration
1 - 90.0 sec 10.0 sec
2 320 85.5 sec 11.1 sec
3 640 81.0 sec 12.2 sec
4 1280 76.5 sec 13.3 sec
5 2560 72.0 sec 14.4 sec
6 3840 67.5 sec 15.5 sec
7 5760 63.0 sec 16.6 sec
8 8320 58.5 sec 17.7 sec
9 11,520 54.0 sec 18.8 sec
10 15,360 49.5 sec 19.9 sec

Miscellaneous Info

  • If the enemy resists Lock-On, the additional effects will not activate.
  • The enemy's Lock-On debuff will be cleared if the battle leader initiates a Chain Attack. This will also remove the additional effects from the art.

Art book sources


Intermediate art books are only available from shops.
The Lock On intermediate art books cost 18,400 G.


Advanced art books are only available from enemy drops.

Unique Monsters

Enemy Area Rate
Erratic GolianteTephra Cave2.1 %
Magestic MordredCentral Factory0.9 %

Other enemies

Enemy Area Rate
Arel TelethiaEryth Sea2.1 %
Falsel BunnivTephra Cave2.1 %
Exterminator/EMBERAgniratha0.9 %
Obart ObartPrison Island0.9 %
M53/THANKCentral Factory0.7 %
M85 Meteor ArtilleryFallen Arm0.4 %
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