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Lockhart, the Killer of Hope (Japanese: 絶望のロックハート, Zetsubō no Rokkuhāto) is a Tyrant in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is a member of the Vivohast family. It can be found at level 52 near Lake Ciel in Sylvalum. It is located in the map segment between FN Site 411 and FN Site 414. Its appearance is rare. Defeating it is required to complete the eponymous Basic Mission Lockhart, the Killer of Hope and will complete the segment recon for its map hex.



Art Attribute Category Hits Range Effect Appendage Homing
Double Sickle Electric Melee 1 Single - Arm (any) -
Strike Physical Melee 1 Single - Arms -
Acid Breath Ether Ranged 1 Single Physical Res Down - -
Ether Mortar Ether Ranged 1 Single, blast radius - Tail Yes
Mantis Pile Physical Melee 1 Circle around caster Stagger - -
Jam Ether Ranged 1 Circle around caster HP Recovery Down - -


Part Item Type Rarity
Tail Moving Vivohast Tail Material Rare
Head Sharp Vivohast Jaw Material Rare
Arm Vivohast Crescent Hook Material Rare
Body Pristine Insect Jaw Material Common
Body Sticky Mucus Material Common
Body Vivohast Holofigure Intergalactic


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