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A Lophid

Lophids (Japanese: ロフィル, Rofiru) are Piscinoid enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They look like armored, eyeless anglerfishes of the Lophiidae (Goosefish) family. They can be found in Primordia and Cauldros.


"Lophids boast scales harder than armor plating, though this adaptation comes at the price of mobility. They use a bioluminescent esca to hunt at night, devouring any creatures taken in by the ruse. When up against foes of equal or larger size, they flicker the esca rapidly, disorienting their opponents just long enough to unleash a powerful tail strike."

"Males are paternal mouthbrooders—they keep the female's eggs inside their mouths while she looks for food. As males cannot hunt during this time, the fry are at risk of becoming dinner if sufficient food is not provided by the mate."

Color Variants

Lophids fall into two color variants:

  • Black lophids are dark gray with yellow details and yellow esca. They can drop Alluring Lophid Extract. They can be found in areas with lava and magma.
  • Green lophids are dark green with reddish details and red esca. They can drop Blinding Lophid Extract. They can only be found in Primordia.

List of Lophids

Name Variant Type Location Time Weather Level
Blast Lophid Black Normal Cauldros Anytime All 41 - 50
Blazing Lophid Black Normal Cauldros Anytime All 25 - 29
Buoyant Lophid Green Normal Primordia Nighttime All 11 - 20
Burning Lophid Black Normal Primordia Anytime All 51 - 60
Flame Lophid Black Normal Cauldros Anytime All 31 - 40
Gehenna Lophid Black Normal Cauldros Anytime All 51 - 60
Grand Lophid Green Normal Primordia The Bug Whisperer All
Imp Lophid Green Normal Primordia During Here Come the Brides, A Route All
Izgnanie, the Smoldering Black Tyrant Cauldros Anytime All 64
Marine Lophid Green Normal Primordia Daytime All 52 - 57
Nipopon Incarnate Black Boss Cauldros The Divine Nipopon All 56
Ocean Lophid Green Normal Primordia Anytime All 51 - 60
Ridill, the Arrogant Green Tyrant Primordia Anytime All 58
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