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Lunar Amaruq is a Unique Monster in Torna ~ The Golden Country. It is a member of the Volff family and can be found at night at level 34 in the Aletta Region of the Kingdom of Torna, just outside Hyber Village.


Note: All of these items will drop with a 100% rate upon the first victory.

Name Type Rarity Rate
Magnet Chip Core Chip Rarity2 12.6%
Fast Balde Switch II Aux Core Rarity1 9.0%
Element Orb Prioritizer Aux Core Rarity1 11.2%
Shell Shoes Accessory Rarity2 7.8%
Shell Shoes Accessory Rarity3 4.8%
Thunder Braid Weapon Rarity2 5.6%
Geo Greatsword Weapon Rarity2 5.6%
Tempest Sword Weapon Rarity2 5.6%
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