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Luxaar's Xern (Japanese: ルクザール専用ゼルン, Rukuzāru Sen'yō Zerun) is a Tyrant in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is the Xern aircraft of Luxaar. It can be found at level 90 in Sylvalum, flying above Anvil Sandplain.



Art Attribute Category Hits Range Effect Appendage Homing
Debilitating Energy Beam Ranged 10 Single Random:
Beam Resistance Down
Slow Arts
- Yes
Massive Flame Thermal Ranged 1 Single Blaze
- Yes
Drone Egg Beam Ranged 5 Single - - Yes
Advanced Megashower Beam Melee 5 Circle around caster Slow Arts - No
Hyper Boost - Status - Self Evasion Up V - -
Aura - Status - Self Evasion Up VI - -
Advanced Megacannon Beam Ranged 1 Single Knockback - Yes
God Wand Thermal Ranged 1 Single Topple
HP Recovery Down
- Yes


Luxaar's Xern does not drop any materials, but can drop equipment and a holofigure.

Part Item Type Rarity
Any XSK605SA H-LARM-ATK4 Skell Armor Unique
Any XSK605SA H-LARM-ATK4 Skell Armor Prime


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