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Ma Non

A group of Ma-non

The Ma-non (Japanese: マ・ノン, Ma Non; English dub: /ˈmænˌɒn/) are a race of beings in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are not native of Mira but recently arrived on the planet aboard their spaceship. They are said to be peaceful aliens with advanced technological capabilities and, after moving into New Los Angeles, a love for pizza. They have founded the Candid & Credible Arms Manufacturer, specialized in high-defense ground gears and unlocked after Chapter 5.


Ma-non vary slightly from one individual to the next, but they all appear short and vaguely humanoid with amphibian characteristics, like smooth skin. The males have long flat ears with several protruding spikes dotted on their heads, while the females have longer, rounder ears and no head spikes. They possess a short, rounded snout with wrinkled skin on the top.


The Ma-non live in a pacifist society, shying away from conflict. They have no leaders or ranks so they assign delegates for their travels; these individuals then act as the ruling and decision-making body for the ship. They tend to be fairly laidback and somewhat lazy.

They travel in large fleets with vessels ranging from the small civilian crafts like the Ma-non Ship to planetoid-sized cruisers that gather intelligent alien life from the planets they pass on their travels.

The Ma-non live long lives and produce comparatively little children. These children are then cared for, presumably by the Ma-non community, on their homeworld.


They describe their technology as being the best in the cosmos; while they are incredibly savvy with machines and possess very advanced technology, more advanced races exist.

They have devices capable of manipulating gravity, as exemplified by their containers and capsule pods that appear weightless on their ship, presumably through interactions with the ship itself which must boast an impressive anti-gravity unit of some sort allowing it to remain motionless above NLA.


Ma-non diet consists of nutritious but unappealing food, designed only to satisfy the body's nutrient needs. This explains their newfound interest in human cooking as the flavors and textures are completely new to the Ma-non palate, with pizza in particular becoming extremely popular among the Ma-non. Like many of the alien races on Mira, the Ma-non also regarded Nopon as portable "rations".


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