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The Machina Refuge Shop is a shop in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is located in Mechonis Field. It is a good and easy source for strong Anti-Mechon Weapons. This shop is accessible until the events at Meyneth Shrine.



Item Slots Price
Machina Rod II Unique 54,600 G
Chaos Break Unique 62,400 G
Machina Nibbler II Unique 63,000 G
Machina Blade II Unique 70,000 G
Omega Break Unique 81,200 G
Machina Driver II Unique 86,800 G
Machina Rifle II Unique 92,400 G


Item Slots Price
H Speed Goggles 1 23,640 G
H Attack Goggles 1 34,680 G


Item Slots Price
H Ether Frame 1 33,240 G
H Attack Frame 1 49,440 G
M100 Plate 0 64,800 G


Item Slots Price
H Ether Arms 1 11,040 G
H Speed Arms 1 16,200 G


Item Slots Price
H Ether Boosters 1 25,800 G
H Attack Boosters 1 42,120 G
M100 Cuisses 0 51,800 G


Item Who Price
Sakura Drones Fiora 28,300 G
Astarte Drones Fiora 28,900 G
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