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The Machina Staff II is a weapon in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is a staff that can be wielded by Melia. It can be obtained by purchasing it at the Central Tower Shop in Agniratha for 27,600 G.



Enemy drops

Note: For any enemies listed with a 0% drop rate, the item can only be obtained using Yoink!

Three slots

Enemy Area Rate
M96/AWAKECentral Factory6.6 %
Meditative VarlaAgniratha4.1 %
Wrathful OrobasAgniratha4.1 %
Destroyer SalvacionMechonis Field3.4 %
M76/MOISTMechonis Field3.4 %
M87/GRANDAgniratha2.4 %
Offensive/BRAVEAgniratha2.4 %
M96 Crisis Unit (QE)Central Factory0 %
M97 Commander (QE)Central Factory0 %

Two slots

Enemy Area Rate
Synchronised GaherisCentral Factory7.5 %
Meditative VarlaAgniratha7.4 %
Destructive BorsAgniratha6.4 %
Vagabond AllocerAgniratha6.2 %
Balanced PalamedesCentral Factory4.5 %
Beautiful VagulCentral Factory4.5 %
Crisis Response Unit (QE)Central Factory4.5 %
Mild FlorenceCentral Factory4.5 %
Offensive Scout (QE)Central Factory4.5 %
Defensive/GUARDCentral Factory4.4 %
Offensive/BRAVEAgniratha4.3 %
M67/HASTEAgniratha3.7 %
M67/RADARAgniratha3.7 %
M67/REALMAgniratha3.7 %
M68/MISERAgniratha3.7 %
M36/SACREAgniratha3.6 %
M37/EAGERAgniratha3.6 %
M36/FAIRYCentral Factory3.1 %
M38/ESSAYCentral Factory3.1 %
M44/ANGRYCentral Factory3.1 %
M53/THANKCentral Factory2.6 %
M57/BEASTCentral Factory2.6 %
Offensive/DIARYCentral Factory2.6 %
Offensive/FOUNDCentral Factory2.6 %
Offensive/LYRICCentral Factory2.6 %

One slot

Enemy Area Rate
M45/VIOLAMechonis Field2.4 %
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