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The Makna Forest (Japanese: マクナ原生林, Makuna genseirin, lit. Makuna Primeval Forest, alt. Macuna Woods; English dub: /ˈmæknə/) is a jungle area visited by Shulk and friends in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is located on Bionis' back. It can be entered through the Bionis' Interior. The main village is the sole Nopon village on Bionis, Frontier Village. Valak Mountain can also be accessed through Makna Forest.


Makna Forest

View of Makna Forest

When Shulk and friends first arrive, there is a cutscene showing Melia fighting a Telethia and losing her personal guards.

Meanwhile, the group notes that the heat is unbearable (due to being at the back of the Bionis) and decide to look for the Nopon village.

After traveling deeper into the forest, they find a young girl unconscious, and Shulk recognizes her from his visions. Upon closer inspection, Sharla notes that she is suffering from a lack of Ether. Shulk sets off to find some pure Ether Crystals, which in the game itself are found at the Lakeside Landmark.

Eventually Shulk finds the Crystals and is met by a mysterious young man, who is able to wield the Monado without issue. The man mentions to Shulk that the Monado can be controlled and teaches Shulk how to use the Purge Ability to stop the Puera Telethia who attack. After a difficult battle, Shulk slays the Telethia, and is found by Reyn. The mysterious man from before disappears.

After this, Melia is revived and the gang prepare to continue their quest; Melia advises they head for Frontier Village, the only settlement in this area.

Landmarks and Locations

Makna Forest DE Map

Map of Makna Forest




  1. Lakeside [Water]
  2. NNE of Divine Sanctuary [Wind]
  3. SW of Sap Cave [Electric]
  4. WNW of Bridge Two [Earth]
  5. SE of Glowmoss Trihenge [Wind]
  6. Down the vines S of Abyss Basin [Fire]
  7. Beside the river ENE of Pod Landing Site and N of Bridge Three [Fire]
  8. Decayed Forest [Fire]
  9. E of Eks Watering Hole and NW of Twisted Tree Gate [Earth]


Normal Minor Enemies

Quest Exclusive Enemy

Unique Monsters

Quest Exclusive Unique Monster


Quest Exclusive Boss




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