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The Mastema Skell

Mastema is a Heavy Type based Skell unit in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Mastema is one of the Skells manufactured by BLADE in New Los Angeles. The Mastema's vehicular form is a sort of futuristic multi-legged and seemingly-amphibious vehicle.

The level 60 upgrade of this Skell is the Mastema White Reaper.


Mastema is a Heavy Frame based Skell model. It is excellent in distance combat because it is specially designed for Ranged Attacks. However, due to a very high weight it is difficult to maneuver. Its vehicle mode is multi-legged, bearing resemblance to a spider.

Mastema vehicle

The Mastema Vehicle

The level 30 Mastema frame costs 440,000 Credits and the level 50 frame costs 3,520,000 Credits.

Its standard equipment is the shoulder-mounted "M-Sniper", specially developed alongside this model.


Mastema is equipped with the GEKITETU Overdrive, which grants the following effects:

  • Zero fuel usage
  • Ranged damage up
  • Beam reflect
  • Reduced incoming damage


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