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"We can't allow just anyone to waltz into our city on a whim. How much do we know about him?"
– Maurice

Maurice Chausson (Japanese: モーリス・ショーソン, Mōrisu Shōson; English dub: /ˌmɔːrˈiːs ˌʃoʊˈsɒn/, or /ʃoˈsɔ̃/ as in French), or Director General Chausson, is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles X. He was formerly an American defense minister, and later presidential aide. He self-appointed himself as the chief executive of the New Los Angeles autonomous government. Maurice arrogantly believes he is a representative of humanity on Mira. However, he doesn't seem to be acting for the sake of personal gain, but rather to carry on the ideals of a woman named Mira Torres who planet Mira is named after.

New Los Angeles NPC

Maurice can be found during nighttime hours in front of the BLADE Tower in the Administrative District of New Los Angeles, after the main story is finished.

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  • "Had I known I'd be forced to wait, I would have brought a book."
  • "All intelligence is useful, Colonel. It's just a matter of finding the best lens to view it through."
  • "As we often said on Earth, the enemy of my enemy is my friend."


  • It is revealed at the end of the affinity mission "Spy Games", that Maurice had a son, whom he sent on a mission on Earth before the departure of the White Whale.


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