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Mechon Carrier

A Mechon Carrier as seen as during the Battle of Sword Valley

Mechon Carriers are flying vehicles in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are mainly used to dispatch other Mechon troops. They firstly and occasionally appear in cutscenes and the background, for example during the Battle of Sword Valley. Later several ones can be viewed and approached while parked by two on each side of a dedicated access platform in the southern part of Sword Valley, near and along Galahad Fortress, south of the Fortress Rear Entrance, for example all around Radio Tower.


Mechon are an effective means of moving large numbers of Mechon by air. Multiple models can be transported, including the M31, M63, M69, M72 and even the M82. Larger models such as faced Mechon have their own air-capable propulsion systems, and so do not need to be transported using a Mechon Carrier.

Mechon Carriers have a domed top, with a single engine at the back emitting eight pink light. The individual Mechon are housed on the underside of the vehicle and transported in a dormant state. When it comes time to deploy the Mechon, they are activated (identified by a red light coming on) and can be released from the vehicle as individual units. As Mechon are able to fall a long way with little to no damage, the Carrier does not need to be able to land or even fly low in order to deploy its full payload.


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