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Mechon M84 are three story exclusive Mechon in Xenoblade Chronicles. They can be found in the Ether Mine during two story event battles, appearing from arms along the mine's central engine on the B3F. These Mechon M84 are one of the few story exclusive enemies that exceptionally drop Treasure Chests.

One is fought at level 24 on the northern platform, reached by using the propeller system on the initial eastern platform when arriving from the Personnel Lift 3. The engine's arm blocks the access to the ice Ether Crystals deposit.

Two are fought at level 23 and 24 on the western platform, reached by using the propeller system on the northern platform. The engine's arm blocks the access to the B4F. It can be noted that the level 23 Mechon M84 is slightly smaller than the level 24 one.



Art Attribute Multiplier Hits Range Effect Knockback Blowdown/Daze
Upper Chainsaw IITalent (Physical)2.05 – 2.251--Yes (3)-
Cylinder Hand ITalent (Ether)1.8 – 2.01Frontal Arc-Yes (1)-
Auto ChainsawPhysical3.3 – 3.51--Yes (1)-
Deadly ChainsawPhysical3.3 – 3.51Frontal ArcBleed--
Lower ChainsawPhysical2.8 – 3.01Frontal ArcTopple--
Long CannonEther1.8 – 2.01--Yes (1)-

† It has not yet been confirmed whether this enemy uses Long Cannon.


Break 70% Lock-On 0% Physical Def. ▼ 70% Agility ▼ 0%
Topple 0% Bind 0% Ether Def. ▼ 0% Aura Seal 0%
Daze 0% Paralysis 0% Strength ▼ 0% Arts Seal 70%
Sleep 70% Slow 0% Ether ▼ 0% Death 0%



Wood 72.8%
Silver 24.3%
Gold 3%

Wood chests will contain 1 or 2 items from the "Wood" table.
Silver chests will contain 2 items from the "Silver" table and 1 from the "Wood" table.
Gold chests will contain 2 items from the "Gold" table, and 1 from each of the "Silver" and "Wood" tables.


Cracked Part L 67.7%
Upgraded Spindle 32.3%


Initial Tension II Fire 31.3%
Daze Up II Electric 31.3%
Search Sniper 1 slot 3.7%
Lieutenant Pike 1 slot 3.6%
Lieutenant Pike 2 slots 3.1%
Search Sniper 2 slots 2.1%
Grand Armour 1 slot 8.6%
Iron Boots 0 slots 7.2%
Iron Armour 0 slots 4.8%
Guardis Greaves 0 slots 4.3%


Jaguar Lancer 3 slots 15.9%
Brain Rifle 3 slots 7.9%
Unique Weapons
Phalanx 11.9%
Bloody Roar 10%
Spit Cluster 6.7%
Unique Armours
Empress Greaves 35%
Journey Diadem 5.3%
Empress Plate 4.4%
Empress Arms 3%
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