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The Mechon Wreckage Site is a landmark in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is located in Colony 9, and the is first location visited in the game. After finishing the Battle of Sword Valley section of the game as Dunban, the main story of Xenoblade Chronicles begins here, with Shulk searching for scrap metal from all the Mechon debris so he can make new weapons and armour. This is the first time Shulk is playable. Reyn appears and helps him fight a Krabble, which was using some of the debris as its shell. Then they fight a Caterpile. After these battles, they head back to Colony 9.

There is a Heart-to-Heart - "A Heropon's Perspective" - located here between Sharla and Riki, and Werner can be found here, at all times, scavenging for scrap metal. (He will move to Colony 6 if given the chance.)

It should also be noted that after the Mechon attack on Colony 9, the Little Bunnits on the path to the Main Entrance are replaced with Junk Bunnits and Colony Krabbles.


Enemies found nearby including enemies on the path to the Main Entrance:

Normal Minor Enemies

Before the Mechon attack on Colony 9

After the Mechon attack on Colony 9

Story Exclusive Enemies

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