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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

The Mechonis Field (機神界フィールド, Kishin-kai Fīrudo) is an area in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is located within the left leg of the Mechonis and is the largest area by sheer size. It is directly connected to the Fallen Arm and Central Factory. All of the enemies here are Mechon.

All collectables here can be found at Colony 6 after this area becomes unavailable.


The party travels through Mechonis Field to travel up Mechonis. At the end of the area, Jade Face is fought, alongside some other Mechon. The battle ends after enough damage is done to him. Afterwards, he is revealed to be Gadolt and attempts to kill everyone. Meyneth, in Fiora's body, stops him and Vanea appears, as the party heads toward Central Factory.

Landmarks and Locations

Mechonis Field DE Map

Map of Mechonis Field


Landmarks GF

Landmarks 1F

Landmarks 3F

Landmarks 4F

Landmarks 5F


Locations B1F

Locations GF

Locations 1F

Locations 2F

Locations 3F

Locations 4F


  1. NNE of 1st Lift - GF [Electric]
  2. SE of 2nd Lift - 1F on a ledge after a long climb down [Ice]
  3. NNW of Bulkhead Controls [Electric]
  4. Ether Gear Store [Fire]
  5. Ether Gear Store [Earth]
  6. Machina Refuge [Fire]


Normal Minor Enemies

Story Exclusive Enemy

Unique Monsters




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  • The Mechonis Field will be definitively inaccessible after the events at the Meyneth Shrine.


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