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"These are the folks who keep everything hunky-dory with John and Joan Q. Public. Any problems a civvy has, they come to Mediators. Fight with your neighbor? Mediators. Lost cat? Mediators. It's not a division for everyone. You need to be a jack of all trades, and a people person. Someone with my charming personality? Probably not the best Mediator. But if you got what it takes, it's a clutch role, keeping things cool on the home front."
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Mediators is a division within BLADE. This division is known as Companion in the Japanese version. They aim to resolve problems between citizens of New Los Angeles, including breaking up fights and finding lost cats. Mediators receive increased Division Points from completing missions and training scouted BLADEs. Receiving division support from Curators grants TP Support, which grants extra TP from using Arts.


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† Although during the initial cutscene of Nine Lives and Gwin's Heart-to-Heart "Dreamweavers", Mathias is stated to be a Mediator, the Affinity Chart lists him as a Curator.

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