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Medium Wear is a type of Armor in Xenoblade Chronicles X. This class of armor has higher defense than Light Wear, with a penalty to Gravity Resistance and often fewer upgrades.

Medium Wear names

AM Head Torso Arms L/R Legs
Sakuraba Industries Goggles Bodywear Glove Footwear
Grenada Galactic Group Spex Torse Quantlet Soales
Candid & Credible Sights Encaser Grip Distancers
Meredith & Co. Vitra Corpus Chiro Plantars
Orphean Technologies Ayx Mayx Mayx Nyx
Six Stars Crest Plate Gauntlet Greaves

Medium Wear Drops by Enemy

AM Enemy
Sakuraba Industries Adsecula※3, Auravis※3, Cantor, Cinicula, Duoguill※3, Germivore※3, Lepyx, Papil※4, Tectinsula, Vesper※3
Grenada Galactic Group Aprica, Dilus, Forfex, Mortifole※3, Ovis※1, Prone, Puge※2, Simius※3, Suid※1
Candid & Credible Duoguill, Scintimure
Meredith & Co. Arenatect, Definian, Purgovent
Orphean Technologies Auravis, Levitath
Six Stars Papil, Tersqual

※1 Only dropped by enemies under level 6
※2 Only dropped by enemies under level 11
※3 Only dropped by enemies under level 16
※4 Only dropped by enemies under level 26

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