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Rex teaming a Merc Group

Merc Groups are a mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They are mercenary groups of Blades selected by their Driver. They consist of dispatching Blades on Merc Missions. After some time, once the mission is completed, the team returns and offers a certain amount of Gold, EXP, Merc Points and treasure containing items such as Aux Cores, as well as open up tougher missions. Sending Merc Groups to missions allow their Driver to improve the Affinity Chart and obtain a Key Affinity Reward that unlocks skills.

Merc Missions do not appear for a nation until the player increases the Development Level of that nation to at least 1 star. In addition, with the exception of First Mission, they will not appear until the Main Story Quest Vandham's Last Wish is completed.

Merc Missions by Nation


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